This system was designed with gaming in mind, and some light single-threaded informatics work. This was my first ever PC build, but it went off with few hitches. I received a bad 3tb HDD, and instead am just running the NVME for now. I also had some difficulty getting Windows to install correctly on the NVME, but now that the kinks are ironed out, this rig boots to windows 10 in 3 seconds which is pretty damn impressive. Also--this case is way larger than what I had in mind for an ATX mid tower--I really should have paid more attention to the dimensions.

Overall, the rig is performing well, with UserBenchmarks of 175%+ across the board. However, the RAM I received from Newegg was cheap, and it is performing pretty cheaply at the 26th percentile. I would have gone with something more reliable had I known I'd get a crap set of chips to begin with.

Part Reviews


Easily OC'ed to 5Ghz. A fast processor that does its job at a reasonable price.

CPU Cooler

This cooler is an excellent option. AIO keeps it nice and tidy. Cords can be wrapped around the fans and it looks very sharp. Fans are quiet and the cooler is very effective. I have my i7-8700K OC'ed to 5ghz with no problems.


This is a very nice motherboard. The BIOS is filled with options but descriptive--offering easy overclock options as well. The heat-sinked m.2 slot is a nice addition. Placement of the components is thoughtful, as are the included cables. Installing my CPU was a little worrisome, as way more pressure was required than I thought was necessary. The RGB is attractive and not over-done also. And, most importantly to me, the doccumentation provided with the motherboard is quite good. I would purchase this motherboard again.


I got this ram for dirt cheap from Newegg. $250 for 32gb of DDR4 3600 ram is a great deal I think, however, this RAM is performing suboptimally--only clocking at 2750 rather than 3600. Userbenchmarks has my chips in the 26th percentile--and they are all configured properly too, so It's a QC issue I reckon.


This is an incredibly fast NVME SSD. I had a cheaper option in my shopping cart at first, then I did a bit of research and saw that these samsung drives were far superior to anything else on the market at this price range. I am very glad I switched. Excellent SSD!

Video Card

Excellent card. It gets a little warm as others have noted, but not near thermal throttling. My card is performing in the 96th percentile per Userbenchmarks.


This case is huge for an ATX mid tower. It has lots of room and plenty of mounting areas for fans. Motherboard risers are pre-installed which is nice, and the cord management options are plenty. The front face is some type of acrylic that scratches pretty easily and looks boring. The included fans are decent, but not totally silent. My biggest complaint is that the documentation for the case is basically non-existent. Also, there's no PCI-e riser cable included, so be sure to pick one up if you want to utilize the side GPU mounting. This is an above average case, but I wish I would have shopped around a bit more.

Power Supply

Wonderful semi-modular power supply. Packaging and documentation are all top notch. Cords are heavy duty. Fan is dead quiet (or off when not needed). Would purchase again.

Operating System

Because Ubuntu won't run games...

Wireless Network Adapter

This is a pretty good wireless adapter. I got it because of the many options it provides as well as it being low cost. The antenna is kind of funky, but otherwise it's a good product. It has less range than my laptop that sat in the exact same location had, however.


I got this huge monitor for cheap. While the resolution could be higher, the price to performance for this product is great.


This thing is totally solid. I love the keys! Coming from laptops with butterfly switches, I forgot how much I missed typing on a real keyboard with some type of feedback. Build quality is excellent and I like the features. My only complaint is that the keycaps can come off too easily.


If you're looking for a mouse that has vent-holes for your sweaty palms, welp this is it. There are crappier options out there, but this is the best in the category in my opinion. Pretty much any high-end gaming mouse would best this one, but none of those are suitable for us with sweaty hands.

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  • 18 months ago
  • 2 points

I think you may solve that RAM speed issue by running it in dual channel. Check your motherboard for how they recommend to sit your ram, but I know they shouldnt be together like that unless you're using four dimms

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks for the great feedback! I did move to the manufacturer's suggested slots (the RGB pic above was taken later on after I did so) and that did improve speeds, but still not to the rated 3600. Any other obvious things I could be missing?

  • 18 months ago
  • 1 point

Strange that the xmp doesn't just automatically work when the ram is rated at 3600mhz from the manufacturer.

I can't pick out any part incompatibilities and I was under the impression that the 8700k could run ram at 3600mhz, so maybe you just got a bad part.

  • 15 months ago
  • 1 point

Did you go into the BIOS and turn XMP on?