Oh boy, was this a roller coaster.

It all started of on the day of 15th October 2016 A.D., that was the day when I hit Buy. That was the day when all those parts you see to the left came together and with the help of a few humans and motor vehicles they were at my door the following Wednesday, At this point you may be asking why I said that the date built was on the 25th??? Thats a whole week apart. Well curious one, Sit down, because its story time.

17th October 2016:

Screw the story time thing, I'm bad at them but anyways for some reason amazon diecided to be nice and instead of delivering it on wednesday how it said on their website it come on the 17th (monday) Dunno how, dunno why but thanks you. Though i must say the actual box is nearly double the size of the acutal H440.

The following day:

PSU came, by yodel. 'Nough Said.

The next day:

EVERYTHING ELSE CAME... minus one tenny thing which if you want a free internet cookie guess now on which part I didnt intially order (Its quite obvious). The one tiny problem I had one that day was the fact that guests were over and me being the overly crazy cautious person that I am, I decided not to take stuff out of the boxes cuz of static. Yes, I am that scared of it even though in the end of the build I realised I was not grounding myself properly 90% of the time.... nooob.

Ive lost track of dates at this point so just go with me here:

I decided to finally take the H440 from its massive box and begin working on the PSU first as that will be essential for grounding..... Noob me decided it was a good idea to install a modular PSU to the H440 without any cables plugged in....... After realising my mistake, I take out the 3 screws holding the PSU bracket in place and Im left with the top right... The H440 has screws that you cannot take out in some places and the PSU bracket has said screws. No matter how much I turned the screw it would not budge. After a day of thinking I came up with the idea that If I could possibly rotate the bracket 180 around the screw I would be able to remove the PSU, and thankfully that worked.

After that everything was going smooth, got all the cables neccessary installed, Fan hub I was scared if It was safe to pull enough power for 4 fans out of one PWM socket on mobo but then I found the molex cable which settled that. Got CPU installled although the squeaking was scary when you have to push the lever back down but that went smooth (fun fact, I didnt check orientation of CPU and forgot to allign notches and just yoloed it by making sure the text was right way up.....) After that I installed my SSD and used HDD. Then it was time to puil out Mr. Pascal (GTX 1080)and install it. I take out the PCIe covers and open the PCIe lever on mobo, the first try it made staticy sounds so I pull it out and leave it on my wooden desk and reflect on my actions for a minute. Then I try again and same story so on the first time I yelled YOLO and it went it. Boy o' boy was that scary. I actually had to route the power cable by the HDD bays as there wasnt enough clearance so yeah.

But hold on, YOU FORGOT TO INSTALL THE CPU COOLER IDIOT. No I actually did remember about it and this is where the waiting for the Artic Silver Articlean kit came. (Well done if you guessed it, Heres a cookie {%}, And well done if you made it this far....), 212X Mounting Hardware, It will be easy she said, Screw it in she said... The backplate went smooth but that X shaped thingy. Damm was that a issue, I place a blob of thermal paste on the cpu and lower the cpu cooler. (cue the intense scary yet subtle music) The thermal paste makes contact with the cooler. He continues lowering it. The X thing isnt alligned. In an urge of panic he desperatly tries to change it. that doesnt work. He pulls out (:P), He tries again, the paste is spreading over the whole CPU. Oh no, what will he do now? Gives up and orders that kit I was talking about earlier. RIP climax (:P)

The kit comes on the 25th accompanied by haribos (Overclockers UK, explain yourselves...) and I ask me friends to come over as I was still having flashbacks at that time. He does pretty much the whole CPU cooler installation and he aces it (Credits to Tarun) and it worked. Thank God.

Heres a cake if you make it this far: gives cake to internet

Part Reviews


Good piece of silicon... All I can say really at this point in time.

CPU Cooler

IMPROVE YER MOUNTING HARDWARE. But in all seriousness very good cooler but for some reason my fan was slightly different to the ones shown in videos and product images on the interwebs...? meh.

Thermal Compound

Keeps the temps low and theres tons of it. And its noctua.


Beautiful motherboard but I feel as they should work on the location on the USB 3 ports and 24pin power.


Does the job but I will be upgrading to 16gb soon. Or even 32 if i have the patience of saving up enough.


The speeds absoultley blew me away. (bear in mind this is the first SSD I have ever used) Its a really clean looking SSD. Crazy light as well. Absoultley would recommend as a budget SSD.


Ive had this puppy for quite a while now. Its fast but WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LET THIS BE A LONE DRIVE IN A SYSTEM AND IT BE THE C DRIVE. you will cry at how slow it loads. (personal expierence)

Video Card

Out of this world. 'Nough said.


Decrease the amount of sound foam on the right (cable managment side) as a good portion of mine was pierced because the foam took up so much space. Other than that, make the PSU shround removable and allow the HDD cage cover to be removed aswell and you should be golden NZXT.

Power Supply

Silent AF. And most likely you said "oh 750W is overkill" but I have plans to upgrade this build in the future and I dont want to buy a new PSU then. And also the PCIE and CPU power cables come out from the same section on the PSU. That made me doubt it but it didnt turn into fireworks so we all good.

Operating System

meh. 4 stars because Im having mouse latency issues. (MX Master btw)

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  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

The kit comes on the 25th accompanied by haribos (Overclockers UK, explain yourselves...)


Also thanks for the cookies and cake : ) Still sounds like a grand adventure, and it looks like it paid off. Nicely done mate +1

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

I hear the Wilhelm scream every time I see that mustard cable on the CPU cooler. Nice build other than that.

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Great Build! Is there no way to turn the CPU cooler 90 degrees? An orientation that aligns with your airflow will help your airflow.

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

I could but reallign the damm 212X is just a pain and im a wuss.

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

Fair enough, do you plan on replacing it?

  • 43 months ago
  • 1 point

In a year i'm planning to have to upgrade this called "The Ludicrous Update" which involves another gtx1080 maybe a new cpu if intel decides to not change the socket for 7th gen processors and the Kraken X62. as well as a bunch of other goodies

  • 43 months ago
  • 0 points

I would turn cooler around(so the fan is facing the front part of the case), and put GPU in the first PCIE lane, faster RAM and Samsung SSD for rapid mode. But still, nice build :D

  • 43 months ago
  • 2 points

The first PCIE lane is a 1x slot...

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