CPU static overclock to 4.1ghz @ 1.37v. Memory overclocked to 2666mhz, and timings tightened to 12-14-14-28. ECC verified as working. ECC memory is 2Rx8 Samsung E-die.

There is insufficient room (but just barely) on the front for both the H100i and the Vega FE radiators, so I placed the H100i at the front pulling air in, and the Vega FE at the rear as an exhaust. Fans at the top are also exhausting, which results in negative case pressure with some air flow coming from bottom of case. GPU and CPU never exceed 75 degrees in extended 100% utilization.

This is a solid octacore editing and gaming machine. I really like the Meshify C, has lots of air flow and space. No RGB or glass is a bonus!

(original part photo shows Radeon VII, but that card ended up going into a mATX machine that didn't have sufficient room for the 120mm radiator, swapping the Vega FE to this one)

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Don't see too much ECC around here - very interesting.

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