I bought all my parts around 4th of July 2017, time for a two year later update. Building your first PC can be difficult, research all your components, if you get stuck just reference videos & recheck manuals. Newegg, youtube, or friends will be a great help on building. All my parts worked flawlessly, and running smoothly 2 years later. Only comment is installing mobo was a little tight along with my gpu, otherwise easy in a full tower ATX.

Here is the benchmark test after set up Mild Overclock

2 years later 7-3-19

Monster. Solid. Price Updates to bios and drivers with new technology or windows is always something to deal with when building. It is not scary just research and stay vigilant. During my years of modding, coding, building, testing, crashing, this machine it never gave up. Keep updates current and this is a monster. I don't know the prices recently but my tab during the crypto craze was 1600ish with a 42in TV and extras.

Part Reviews


From stock to not with .8GHz WOW. Love AMD and bought at 260.00. Temps at 35c idle and 55c tops when tested max and oc at 3.8 per core stable. This is with the stock cooler the Wraith Spire set to max when cpu is tested or OC and set to auto otherwise. Just update bios and windows some temps will stock 50c or higher until bios and updates are installed. I am really impressed. <1 year later still very very strong handles gaming and multi-tasking like butter I couldn't be happier. Some more updates with Bios and drivers then of course windows.

Thermal Compound

Better than the stock compound on the r7 1700 Wraith Spire cooler. Just worth it and plenty for the next year or more depending on cycle and cpu use.<1year later no reapp needed temps still low 50c under heavy loads.


Newegg after rebate 109.99. Features are killer supports all my fans and sata gpu cpu ram needs. However before install or after, I say before a install of windows, update bios with most recent file from, support online, via M-Flash usb. I was a noob and this took me about 5 mins of research not even. Bios was easy to understand, watch videos from newegg or where ever for this educational bit and bob. Afterwards ram settings and overclocking via bios or ryzen master and afterburner are absolutely killer system with easy one click set up just read up on how to use the programs and overclock. My benchmarks for this are above average. Not to mention the complete support to pulse red my system LEDs everywhere. MSI didn't give me any stickers with any of my content which they should of cause man did they win big.<1 year later bios drivers and utilities updated regularly and this is still just a killer board for the price and features best x370.


R7 1700 compatible after bios update with motherboard set to 3200Mhz with ease what a deal newegg at 114.99 sweet.<1 year later not a single issue was at proper speeds after 1st bios update. I just kept updating bios for stability and RAM function.


Different model from Amazon 500gb for 130.00. Speeds are fast and size is great boots windows in less than 5 secs damn right. Games are quick modded files usually skyrim so sweet no load times to minimal. 1year later boot time with updates and programs list 12sec. In love.


Amazon sale 39.99 Prime Indeed. Speeds are well above average thanks to my cpu and gpu for large gaming files making load times minimal close to ssd status which i didn't think was possible. 1year later still true minimal boot times for DS3 or GTAV heavy mods redux, cars, water etc.

Video Card

NOOB So when I install this card I know 1080p won't even touch test it really. So far however duel screen set up monitor at 24 and tv 42. Kills it all DOOM, MORDOR, SKYRIM(modded), GTAV(modded) all max settings, or modded. MSI after burner shows idle at 35c and I've only seen it hit 65c so far with so benchmarking light benching still learning. Large card needs large case round up with cover about 13in length. Turned my fans up to 100% quiet everything. My room fan overtakes my computer fans. 489.99 at Newegg during/right before miners rage. MSI didn't give me any stickers with any of my content which they should of cause man did they win big. 1year later kills everything still running 1080 monitor but a 2k tv. In love.


7 Fans. all to molex standard low and high speeds still soooo much cooling. Fits Duke GTX 1080 13in gpu card with room for cabling at the end of card. Room for cabling is great and just space for years I do believe. Filters for dust. Data supports. Hard drive support. Price 80.00 Newegg. 1 year later probably disco but I still like it works great light fans no loud sounds quite cool space.

Power Supply

Newegg sale after rebate 69.99. Quiet, supported everything, modular, just a great psu. Install the psu upside down since my case has a filter for it. Plenty of extra power connections, evga support 5 years. Only bronze but on sale and the psu is just in-case new gpu or sli upgrades what have you. 1 year later Evga all day. Seriously.

Optical Drive

Newegg 15.99. Installed windows and slowly moving my dvd collection to my 1tb hdd drive. 1 year later last week I finally burnt my first mix cd. It was glorious.

Operating System

It's windows and until I get a experience like XP, never will get 5 stars. TOO much windows junk and hate the whole tile thing or whatever they call it. Use classic shell after install review how to install and set up windows after updating all drivers and settings. 1 year later its still windows.


Newegg 19.99 after rebate. Sweet I was worried due to review online marking this as cheap and falls apart. Seems solid so far and smooth really impressed. 1 year later all lights work great mouse clicks are soft and precise. Keys a little loud but hell for 20 bucks. Give me again cooler master.


1 year later comfortable, amazing sound qualities, long cord. Just a little too bright and only one setting when usb lighting is turned on.


  • 27 months ago
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How did you get the (@3.6 GHz) next to the cpu name on the completed builds tab?

  • 27 months ago
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Details section on the left column. Overclocking was easy and that's usually what I have it set to.

  • 14 months ago
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Can the Mobo lights be set to green?

  • 14 months ago
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Yes they have utilities that you can download to customize the board and functions like that and

  • 14 months ago
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Thanks. Was planning on using this board but I'll probably go with LGA2011-1 for DDR3 memory (in the UK DDR3 is £50 for 16 gigs)

  • 14 months ago
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That's a good deal. How are CPU prices. I got this right before crypto messed up the market.

  • 13 months ago
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looks good