Hi all.

This is my first pc build. I am quite proud of it, as it is both very efficient and silent. I haven't run into game I can't run at 1080p/60 fps yet. It's main use is 1080p gaming so I was happy to have a nearly completely silent and cool computer that fit well in the multimedia center next to the TV , dvr and Wii U.

I'd like your opinion on a few things:

-A few years down the line, should I add another gtx960 in a sli configuration or change the card altogether?

-Would adding another 8gb of ram improve my performance by a "significant" margin?

-how easy will it be to overclock this setup to keep it from being outdated? With overcloking, how long will I get out of it before I need to upgrade?

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks!!!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

A very good looking aio cooler that offer great performance for a small price. It can be a little noisy when under stress, but still remain barely noticeable.


Good mobo but the construction doesn't seem very solid (especially the heatsink). Lot of great software for easy overcloking and very clear Bios. Also, this board has 4 fan headers, which is very useful when installing a 240 or 360 mm aio cooler (or multiple fans).


Very fast and reliable ssd for a very small price.

Video Card

Great compromise between size and power. The fan also only start when the graphic card is over 25+% load. So it is completely silent when you are just watching video or browsing the web. Great for 1080p gaming at 60 fps or 1440 at 40 ish fps in ultra settings. However don't expect to get more than that out of it.


Very stylish and spacious case. Building in it was easy and painless, most notably thanks to its screw less panel design, as well as preinstalled mobo points. The only "problem" was the cable management as you have a very small amount of space on the back if the case. Otherwise, its an amazing case.

Power Supply

Great psu, athe fan is a little noisy but aside from that you got a lot of bang for your buck. Beware that it isn't fully modulable, as the mobo cable cannot be removed from the psu.

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  • 52 months ago
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Depending on how much you OC your CPU, it could last for a while. There are people that can still run 2500Ks comfortably because it was a very good CPU to OC.