All parts include best price paid and delivery.

This system was built in Australia and parts sourced with PC Part Picker.

This rig will be used primarily for gaming and streaming. Also for general web browsing and office use. I am keen to start to use the PC for Photo and Video editing as I will now have a computer powerful enough to do it.

Thermal Paste purchase price ($9) also included RGB light strip and Cablemod Basic Extension kit and delivery.

This is my very first computer build. I highly recommend having a go and build once yourself if you are thinking about do it. There are loads of build guides on YouTube and with the help of PC Part Picker to find the best prices, you can't go wrong.

Thanks PC Part Picker. I am now going to build systems for my family and friends.


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Haha thanks. I was waiting on the 90cm Razer pad to arrive. I'll update with a few new photos soon.

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