So let's remove the confusion, Buraq = Lightning. It's an Arabic name for lightning and I liked it so much that I gave my build this name. Another reason why I gave it this name was because when I started the build, I did an estimate that it would take me around a year to collect all the parts, but I found all the parts on lightning deals and bought all the parts within just two months, hence why the name.

History of Build

Well when I was a child just like other people I loved gaming and would spend a lot of time on my PS2 and PSP. My cousins would always have better builds than me but now the tables have turned thankfully. My PS2 stopped working all of a sudden and my PSP's RAM stopped working as well, all at the same time. After that I was trying to build myself a PC rig for around 12 years, yes it's a 12 year dream fulfilled.

I got myself a job just to make my dream PC, started working at Pizza Hut for a year and now the build is ready (Will still upgrade soon). Along the way of making my PC, I actually got a lot of stuff for free, for example Amazon not sending my parcel on given date and then when I asked for a replacement, I would recieve both parcels together. Sometimes I would keep them and sometimes I'd just ask for a refund instead.

The Build

Since the Pizza Hut managers loved me, I would work the most as a reception. Easy job easy pay, thank God. There was a flaw in the Pizza Hut holiday system where they would give you more holidays than needed and the reason being was the company putting in the wrong algorithms and calculation methods (Well someone got fired). Because my manager loved me, he would put those holidays on my name as soon as possible and I would buy an extra component for my rig. In just two months I collected all the parts and was finally ready to assemble them.

Not realizing Corsair actually forgot to send me the help instructions and cable labels which resulted in me spending 1 whole day just to assemble the PC. I actually had to match each shape of the cable to the motherboard which took ages but finally got it done. Another shocking thing for me was placing the CPU on the motherboard. I actually dropped, yes dropped the CPU right on the motherboard pins which was hell for me since I was worried until the build wasn't ready. Then fearing I had done the job wrong, I switched on the button and ran away in case it explodes lol but thankfully all was good.

After the Build

I started running some tests as a PC gamer would to see the limits of his rig and to see whether if he can overclock or not, But my PC would always reach maximum temps (100C) immediately which got me worried. It wouldn't even reach 100% load and my PC would just shut down. I was so worried that I thought I got the opposite of what they call "The CPU Lottery" but then I decided to delidde my CPU.

When I removed the heatsink, I was so shocked to see that I actually forgot to remove the sticker from the heatsink which was the root cause of the high temps. The thermal paste was all over the place but luckily not on the motherboard or the pins. I delidded my CPU anyway and now even on 100% the temps do not go over 60C and it works like a dream.


At first I had a GTX 680 as you can see in one of the pictures uploaded, I later on after a lot of research upgraded to a GTX 970 KFA2 Galax Silent Edition. The reason why I bought this particular version was because they promised me I would never have coil whine as it was tested before sending it to me. Going with the GTX 970 was one of the best decisions ever as it can max out any game along with recording.

What I use it for

Well first of all I love gaming and my favourite game is "The Witcher 3". I wanted my PC to be ready in time for the release of the game but luckily the game got delayed (Yes hate me for it). Second reason is YouTube, yes I have a YouTube channel named KaziproductionsHD on which I game with my friends and make gameplay review videos. I also make walkthroughs of the games that I like. I am currently studying so spend less time on the channel, but once I'm done I'll go full time on it.


In the near future I am actually thinking of going for another GTX 970 or selling the current one and buying a GTX 980 Ti. Another upgrade would be the monitors. Upgrading to a 144Hz, 1MS, 3D Vision 2, 27 Inch monitor would be just perfect. Currently I am considering the BenQ XL2720Z but let's see if I can find a better one in that price range.

Part Reviews


It is (on the time of release) the best CPU on the market. It can't get any better. I love intel because my first CPU was a FX 8150 and man did it suck (Sorry AMD fans). Because of this CPU I can game and edit in peace.

CPU Cooler

I love this product, even when I made the mistake of leaving the sticker on my heatsink and placing it over the CPU with the thermal paste, I would get temps of 100C before it would reach 100% but if it wasn't for this Phanteks cooler my CPU would have melted.

Plus it never makes noise. It's rig is under my table and I can't hear the fans.


An amazing motherboard. The software provided with this motherboard is simple amazing, easy fan control and easy overclock.


The fastest RAM you can find I guess. It's CL8 and for this price, it's simply amazing.

Video Card

No noise, no coil whine and simply amazing. They actually test it before they send it to you so was garunteed no noise and coil whine.


I actually bought the 660T first. The day the 600T was delivered I went online and found out that the new 760T was just released and man did it look gorgeous. I was first hesitant to send it back but a friend of mine actually gave me some advise that rather than regretting it forever, just return it and buy it.

Power Supply

No noise, no coil whine, 4 stars because they do not send labels which can be disastrous, imagine plugging in the wrong wire in the wrong socket.

Case Fan

Absolute silence.

Case Fan

Absolute silence.

Case Fan

Absolute silence.

Fan Controller

The software provided sucks. I just downloaded a software (forgot the name) and control all the fans from there. It loads up on startup, if you set up a startup profile you won't even have to touch it. Now it just sits there looking cool.


Amazing design and amazing monitor.


Amazing design and amazing monitor.


Simply fast and amazing. Wish I could give more stars because I actually dropped a bowl of milk on it, and it still works which is epic.


The 5.1 surround sound isn't that good but the headphones are durable and just amazing. The microphone quality is amazing as well, check my YouTube channel to check the quality in game.

External Storage

The USB 3.0 on this just sounds like a lie, it just isn't that fast. Sometimes it gives speeds of USB 2.0 even when plugging in 3.0 ports.


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Very nice build and an awesome writeup. :D

I'll take a pepperoni and bacon with the stuffed crust please. ;)

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Haha thank you :)

Coming right up :)

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Where did you get that video card?

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But now I have the GTX 970 which I bought from Overclockers

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That Cable management, reminds me when I got mushrooms on my Pizza and they were just piled up in the middle

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you used the word amazing 15 times