This is an upgrade to my previous build that I've used for 5 years with a 4670K and GTX 970 . I do a lot of varied activities with my computer, so I wanted something that could do it all. On my home computer, I do some programming, graphic design, photo editing, 3D modelling, and gaming when I have time. I wanted to build something that had some power and good looks. There's still room for improvement. I may end up adding some fans, switching the CPU cooler, and get a Valve Index VR headset. My cruddy pictures honestly don't do it justice, but the LEDs are really nice to look at.

Case: I fell for how this case looks. I really like it even though it was twice what I had originally planned to pay for a case. It has beautiful lights and side panels and was really spacious to make an easy build. The default LED options were really good, but I synced it up with my Mystic Light motherboard. This is the reason that I want to leave the PC on top of my desk instead of under it.

CPU: I had been planning on sticking with an Intel CPU and my wife even bought me a Z390 motherboard for Christmas. I wasn't completely sold on the 9th generation and had read rumors that the 10700K/10900K would launch soon. Since nothing was being announced, I did some more research and got a 3700x instead. The extra threads give me a nice boost to a lot of my tasks.

Motherboard: This was pretty much a last minute decision, but it mostly works. Occasionally, the debug LED for "CPU Not Detected/Fail" would light up and it wouldn't boot until I restarted. It was compatible with the 3700x by default, but I reset the CMOS and updated the BIOS which seems to have helped. It has a USB type C port in the back, but no header for front panel USB type C.

GPU: I had planned on getting a 2070 Super, but since I saved a bit of money on my CPU and motherboard, I ended up with a 2080 Super in my shopping cart and clicked "Buy" before I could talk myself out of it. I'm liking it so far. It is huge, but I'm using two anti-sag brackets. One came with the case, and one came with the card. The "True Gaming" logo on the bracket included with the GPU is a bit silly and doesn't seem to fit with MSI's theme.

RAM: 32 GB to do all of the things. Plus they glow. DDR4 3600 CAS 16.

Monitor: I wanted a large 4K monitor for day-to-day viewing and for games that I can manage at 4K. I have a secondary 1080p monitor if I can't get a game to 4K, but I'd like to upgrade it to a 1440p monitor eventually.

M.2 SSD: Very fast. Similar quality to more expensive options. I'd like to get a 2nd one eventually. I have a HDD I can add if I need more storage. It's the only part without RGB in this build. I may attach an LED strip to make it faster...

Keyboard: Mechanical brown switches. Heavy. LOTS of lighting effect options. Most importantly - cheap.

Mouse: It has more buttons than I'm willing to click, but it seems to be good quality. And it lights up like everything else I bought...

Part Reviews


Good CPU that allows for a wide range of tasks and multitasking. The included Wraith Prism cooler is decent enough to keep it cool but it's a bit loud.


CPU Not Detected/Fail light sometimes displays and won't boot until I restart. I cleared CMOS and updated to most recent BIOS which seems to have helped. Does not have USB type C front panel headers, but I believe there is an adapter available that uses the USB 3 headers.


Fantastic drive for a bearable price.

Video Card

Powerful enough to run anything I've thrown at it. It's really large so triple check your case allowance. Includes an anti sag arm bracket. The bracket doesn't really match the visuals of the card though with out of place "True Gaming" text. I feel like it would look better if the GEFORCE RTX text would light up like the rest of the card.


Beautiful case with lots of room and cable management options.


Good solid mechanical keyboard. Brown switches that make typing very smooth. A bit louder than cheap keyboards that I was used to. Lots of lighting effects and options which are easily configured with no need for extra software. Simply hold function and press specific keys to change lighting effects, color, and brightness.

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Nice build. +1