This PC has been re homed numerous times, started with a NZXT phantom, a hyper 212 evo, and 970 with all other components. Then moved to a cheap DIYPC case, with the 980ti, the moved to the corsair air 540 (last picture). Now the build sits as pictured. I have moved it to it's final iteration that i want. I have added sleeved cable extensions, and changed the case. I am very happy with the way the build sits and looks. This will probably be the way this PC ends its days with me. It has done fantastic at 1440P, but within the next year i will build a new high end PC. The AIGO fans pictured are no longer in the PC and have been shipped back. The controller had a faulty power connector, and the minute i powered my PC on POOF huge cloud of smoke and almost started my PC on fire. Yup those are done and out of there. May order some Corsair ML120's to replace my AF120 but i don't think i will. Any questions/feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

Part Reviews


This processor has been fantastic through all the build changes/upgrades. Never slows down, stays cool, and does a great job for what i need it to.

CPU Cooler

Great cooler for the price. I feel it could cool/perform a little better hence only 4 starts. I am thinking next build will go with the H150I pro.


Fantastic MOBO. No issues what so ever through all the changes. Has held up strong, and never gave an issue. BIOS are pretty easy to navigate.


16G of lower MHz memory. Does a great job running 1440p at high/ultra. Did need to change bios to run at 1600 instead of 1333.


Moved through 4 builds, 0 corrupted files/issues. 100% recommend

Video Card

Runs games @1440P 80+ FPS without a hiccup. Will be upgrading with my new build to the new 2XXX series.


Case looks fantastic and clean. Could have a bit better air flow, but still good.

Power Supply

This power supply has seen it all since day 1. I got it refurbed and have had no issues. I did hook up the fan controller from AIGO fans, and a bad connector almost started my PC on fire. No damage to any components/PS. 100% recommend the newest version of this power supply, kept my components safe and out of harms way.


Super smooth monitor. Runs fantastic and the 980ti pushes it perfect. Remember if you buy this monitor, turn the deep sleep feature off (comes enabled for whatever reason) this will make it to where when you turn the PC on from sleep mode, the monitor comes on with it.


Keyboard is fantastic, nice and quiet compared to my old razer black widow ultimate. It is a very tough keyboard, and I say that because it with stood a german shepherd having his paws on it for a few hours. Only the corner of the keyboard was chewed up. Very durable.

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  • 19 months ago
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It's great to see an i7-4790K still being used, despite you plan to upgrade the entire hardware computer in a year. I'm currently using my i7-4790K in 2560x1440 and sometimes 4K but only with older games if possible. My main computer pleases my uses to this day. So may yours continue to serve you well for a bit longer.

The controller had a faulty power connector, and the minute i powered my PC on POOF huge cloud of smoke and almost started my PC on fire. Yup those are done and out of there.

Mamma Mia~ So glad you didn't have the fire take it out completely. Sorry this happen to you.

And thanks for sharing your experiences and history about this computer. The build and color scheme looks lovely. Here's my plus one to you. (+1)