I chose the name because my parts all came in after a long night :D

Perhaps a proper name would be revival, as I was able to use some parts from an old (now dead) build -- the case, fans, power supply, and peripherals.

This is a build I've been waiting to do for a LONG time and the opportunity finally came.

What we're rocking:

-Intel i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz (to be OC'd) -- cooled by Corsair H110i (~27 C idle; ~37 C under load)

-EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 HYBRID (~27 C idle; ~37 C under load)

-G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 16GB DDR4-3600 (4x4GB)

-Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SSD (for OS/software)

-Samsung 850 PRO 1TB SSD (for games/other ****)

--> All mounted on the beautiful beast called the Asus STRIX Z270-E Gaming Mobo

--> Packed into the sleek/industrial Fractal Design Define R5 Blackout Edition (windowed, of course)

----------> Will do full reviews of parts after I get more use out of them

What we plan on rocking: 3x Dell - U2415 24.1" 1920x1200 60Hz Monitors

UPDATE 8/1/17: First monitor on its way!


Sometime in 2014/15

-Began dreaming of a water-cooled, silent, beast of a machine

-Scraped together money to order cheaper parts (fans, case, power supply, speakers, peripherals)

-Built original build:

--i5 3550K

--EVGA 660 Ti

--ASRock Z77 Extreme4 Z77 Mobo

--G.Skill Ripjaws Z Series 16GB (4x4) DDR3 2133 SDRAM

--Samsung 850 Pro ~500GB SSD (which ******* BROKE UPON MY IMPATIENT ASSEMBLY)

-That build lasted me a while with the SSD mounted in a very sketchy manner (the guide for the power cable snapped off into the female end but I managed to thread the connectors into it) which -- not surprisingly -- eventually failed, killing the machine until my lazy, disappointed *** could install an old HDD (note: it never happened)

2015- Q2 2017 (pre-build)

-The once fairly powerful machine collected dust :(


After working my *** off during a summer engineering internship, I'd come up with the money and decided it was time for THE REVIVAL

-Ordered parts

--Note: I put my parts list together (fairly) quickly, since for years I've kept up with new technology/drooled over build ideas


-Got drunk


-All parts were in aside from thermal compound and 850 Pro, it was time for my hungover *** to get to work

Step 1: Strip out/clean the old machine

--Thankfully I knew I could leave in the H110i and power supply -- wanted to leave the radiator front mounted, blowing as exhaust.

--NOTE: Radiator setup = dual Corsair SP140's (exhaust) on the inside of case, before the radiator, with two of the included fractal design fans within the front wall of the case (thanks Fractal design!) also as exhaust (duh), creating a sandwich of 4 fans and the radiator (fan review later)

Step 1.5: Cry because of the growing mess in my room

Step 2: Install mobo, install RAM, CPU & GPU

--GPU radiator is set up as intake on rear of case, idea is that the air will flow from rear to front, with the four front fans expelling a **** ton of heat, enabling me to use the R5's sound proofing along top of case (yay silence :)

Step 2.5: Cry bc cable management

Step 3: Make case nice and pretty (AKA CRY BC CABLE MANAGEMENT)

Step 3.25: Remember that my hungover *** hasn't eaten food

Step 4: Get too impatient to wait another day for SSD and thermal grease, go to store and buy another SSD and thermal grease

Step 5: Wipe sweat off brow cuz money

Step 6: Apply thermal, install CPU cooler and SSD



NOTE: There isn't space for a disc drive due to front radiator (oh well) so I ended up connecting the drive externally just to install windows

Now, my build is running and complete, only missing the 850 Pro SSD and I must say IT IS BEAUTIFUL

UPDATE: 7/31/2017

My 2nd SSD card and thermal (which I no longer need) are in! Hooray for dual SSD's

Initial Impressions:

1080 Ti HYBRID: Sleek, silent, powerful. Meets all criteria for my build. I love that the EVGA logo is backlit and that the card came with a backplate. Only complaint is that the protective covering over the card was a b*tch to remove, but I appreciate the lack of scratching on the card. Plan on overclocking and doing plenty of gaming in my free time (which I don't have much of until I'm back on campus)

i7-7700K: Not much to say about it yet -- it's shiny? I know it's one of the highest rated CPU's on the market today and I've read about some insane overclocks, we'll just have to see where my mobo and cooler can take it ;)

Ripjaws V DDR4-3600 RAM: They're bootyful! Might try and OC them but that depends on me finding the time to. With ram this powerful and for my purpose there isn't much reason to overclock, though.

Asus STRIX Z270-E GAMING mobo: When I first took this motherboard out of the case I almost busted one (okay, maybe I did). It's freaking B.A. I'm in love with the all black theme of my components because combined with the green lighting it's just mean. I wish it had more fan ports, though the amount it has now was enough for me. On a lighter note, I've heard plenty about its overclocking potential (need more time to tinker with) and the included software is actually pretty convenient (network controller, cpu-z, etc.). I'd say more but I simply haven't had enough time to get to know the motherboard or its quirks. I love the motherboard, it's a boss from appearance to features, while I've read complaints about port placements I can't say I ran into any issues with my cable management (shoutout to Fractal).

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

This watercooling system is a breeze to set up (except for the ridiculous amount of mounting screws for the radiator) and it functions flawlessly. I will have to test the temperatures of my new cpu but I can't say my old one ever broke 50 C under load. Plus pretty lights! :D


In the little time I got use out of my original 850 Pro, I loved it. Its benchmarks were through the roof, boot time was always quick, transferring files was a breeze -- what else do you need? (aside from maybe an M.2 card).


I LOVE THIS CASE. Where to start? It's sleek, smooth, sharp around the edges. The internal components of it are very modular, suitable to most builds. It has genius cable management placements, enabling all those ugly cables to be tucked away and shunned for being ugly. All of the walls have foam for sound proofing, plus if you aren't mounting fans along the top grate, there are sound proofing squares that snap perfectly into place (I might've snapped off a couple of the mounting pins but coordinated correctly they still seal and stay in place). The bottom grate has an external dust guard as does the front fan slot. I love that the front face has a swinging door for when you're gaming and need the extra air flow vs. just browsing the net. The window is perfectly square around the mobo so you can see all the dope parts, plus the illuminated fans and parts light it up beautifully. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE SSD CARD MOUNTS? They're on the back side of the mobo mount, enabling me to remove the HDD cages -- with the disc drive cage also removed, the interior of the case is extremely spacious, if I wanted to I know I could mount three fans along the top of the case along with a fourth fan on the bottom (but why bother in a water-cooled, sound-proof system?). As you can see, I * love this case. I have not listened to it under load yet but thus far it has been literally dead silent. Oddly enough, while the system was running with both side panels of the case removed (while using a temporary disc drive setup) there was hardly any noise, probably due to the nature of both water cooling systems. I could only see a need for a different case if you're aiming for a custom water loop, though I'm sure you could make space for a water reservoir in this case. Lastly, the included fans are very silent and fast, I also love the built in fan controller for up to three fans (though I only use two of the slots, since the other three fans are controlled by a water cooler).

Power Supply

I went with 1000W because at the time I dreamed of an SLI system (which could happen with this build in the future). The supply is quiet and has never failed on me, I love that it's fully modular as it really helped with cable management, plus the majority of the cables are black. The one thing I dislike is that the power connectors for the GPU are red (why are these a different color?) but it's a small detail and doesn't effect the machine's overall appearance. ALSO it included Velcro strips for cable management <3

Case Fan

The level of their lighting is excellent, enabling my case to be illuminated by just three LED lit fans. The cougar fan's hydraulic (liquid) bearing is tested at half the decibels of the similar corsair model so obviously it's a silent fighter, it also apparently pushes more air than the corsair. I'd have stuck with all cougar fans but I couldn't mount the 140mm version to the H110i's radiator.

Case Fan

The level of their lighting is excellent, enabling my case to be illuminated by just three LED lit fans. The Corsair fan has high static pressure so that **** PUSHES air like no other, plus it is very silent.


I'm a die hard Razer fan, I love their sleek design combined with high functionality/precision. Not much else to say.


I'm a die hard Razer fan, I love their sleek design combined with high functionality/precision. Not much else to say.


I'm a die hard Razer fan, I love their sleek design combined with high functionality/precision. Not much else to say.


I recently acquired this headset but I have put a decent amount of use into it. What I can say is that it is extremely lightweight and comfortable, wearable for hours on end without pain. They're also very sleek, though I wish there was a band of light on each ear cup like other models. The sound quality is astounding and the mic is clean, while it comes with sound profiles I prefer to use a separate program (will post later). Only complaint is that while using an xbox controller to game, I think something about both components being wireless causes interference because the controller continually disconnects, though that may be an issue with the controller itself (it's always been a little sketchy at times).


They're THX certified... 'nuff said. But seriously these speakers are insane, the bass is BOOMING, I've set theses speakers up for parties before and they f** BUMP. Movies, games, music -- it all sounds fantastic. I've had them for a few years not and they continue to impress myself and friends.


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So much reading but one up from me aha

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Build looks really dope aswell

  • 26 months ago
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Thank you! :D And I may have written the description while bored at work, which could explain why it's a bit lengthy

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Love the description, some on this website need to take lessons from you on length and content! :D

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I think the only thing I missed was including what I ate that day ;P

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Great looking build! Do you have enough room for an optical drive in that case with your setup?

  • 23 months ago
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Since the cpu's radiator is mounted to the front of the case, I don't have room. I hooked it up externally for windows installation but since then I've had no need for one anyways!

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Question on your headset. When you said you don't prefer the sound profiles provided, I'm guessing you meant the game mode, movie mode, music mode on the 7.1 DTS Headphone X?

I'm asking becasue I have a headset with 7.1 DTS Headphone X and that program doesn't sound as good as the straight up stereo sound with the 7.1 turned off.

What program is it that you were mentioning?