I had an old pc that was purchased from the builder by my grandmother and given to me as a gift. Two years later I decided that a 5 year old system needs have a few upgrades as modern games were starting to run not so smoothly to say the least. Everything internally is new except for a 250gb ssd and a NVIDIA GTX 660ti. The two led fans are some cheap ones I picked up at a Best buy, not sure on the specs aside from they push air and they push it like a fan would. Obviously the "battle worn" paint job isn't original, its just something I did when I was bored one day to chew up 4hrs.

For now I decided to get my feet wet in the world that is computer building and go with a quality but affordable system until I can afford a new ssd, gpu, and a better Ryzen cpu. For now it is alive and well, better than it was before.

Case: Under load my motherboard and cpu run around 36 degrees Celsius. The motherboard tray is removable so you can add a motherboard, cooler, whatever you want outside the case is a roomy environment. This case features approx. 10.6 trillion cubic feet of room to play with, tuck away wires, hide things, stuff full of heat sinks or radiators, even store kilos of narcotics. In all seriousness if you want a system that is going to have lots of hardware that would get super hot in a typical glass case, this case is worth the desk space it takes up.

Motherboard: I am impressed with the B450 Tomahawk from MSI. Comes with some useful software, overclocking is simple, but I only toy with overclocking here and there. Sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, well labeled, basically pretty good bang for the buck.

Ram: Led's are nice and bright, I wish I would turn off the pattern in which they pulse, idk there may be some software out there, I have not looked yet. Nice and sturdy feel, metal and such.

Power Supply: Pretty premium look and appearance, comes with plenty of cables, runs my system without conflict.

Corsair H60 cooler: Solid little thing, keeps my Ryzen 2200 cool (Overkill for my cpu), silent, powerful when on 100%, comes with tons of mounting hardware, crisp LED.

All together pretty good for my first build, will be upgrading and rebuilding in a new case soon. Let me know what you guys think in the comments :)

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  • 11 months ago
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Looks good! Question, are the SATA data connectors on your hot-swap controller not both vertical? I just got this case and am building in it as well, and both the connectors for me stick straight up, so it was impossible to use an L shaped connector there. Love the paint job! What did you use to do it?