This is my semi-new gaming build for early 2014. The video card, hard drive, and power supply are carried over from the previous build. The video card is the top priority to have upgraded.

Part Reviews


Not the fastest or the fanciest of the Haswell i5 lineup, but it was priced right and has met my needs well.

CPU Cooler

My PS08 wouldn't fit a larger cooler, but this little TX3 has been fantastic! In multi-hour BF4 gaming sessions the CPU never gets over 69 degrees C. It's extremely quiet as well.


Not crazy about the fan header placement on this board. The lack of heatsinks on the VRMs also isn't terribly attractive or reassuring at the price this board was at. If I could go back I'd probably look at other B85 or H87 options. I realized after the fact I could have gotten an Asus B85 Vanguard for the same price with VRM cooling, more fan headers, and better USB 3.0 and fan header placement. With that being said the motherboard has been rock solid in terms of stability.


Nice looking low profile RAM. It works!


For a Sata II SSD its quick enough.


Very fast and a great price!

Video Card

This card was great value per dollar when it was new. It runs HOT and the fan gets screaming loud as temperatures increase.


Would not buy this case again. After using this case for a year I bought a Cooler Master N200 and migrated the system over. The PS08 has a terrible layout for where to put your drives, a top mounted PSU, and unimpressive airflow. Even worse, there are literally no cable management options on the PS08. I've been much happier with the Cooler Master N200.

Case Fan

Really cheap, fairly quiet, decent airflow. Short cables.

Case Fan

Really cheap, fairly quiet, decent airflow.

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  • 60 months ago
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Nice build I like your low profile rams

  • 60 months ago
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Thank you! I should upload some new pictures. That GTX 560 Ti and Antec PSU are gone, there's a MSI GTX 760 and a Corsair PSU in there now.

  • 55 months ago
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Sorry to reply four months later but if u need more Rams I would take out the bulky cpu cooler and use the stock one from the proccessor. If it didn't come with one I got one for sale

  • 68 months ago
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  • 68 months ago
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