AMD Machine eXperimental - 1.

First personal build... Ever. Been mostly building PCs from older parts till now, or building for clients. Will make iterative upgrades, such as an HDD, more RAM, and a better cooler for OCing.

Also planning to light the case with some red LED strips... Photos posted once complete.

Could have built this more efficiently... Accidentally ended up with 2 SSDs for this system and an excess of fans...

Will eventually pull the cooler and replace with a top mounted 240mm AIO. GPU hopefully will also be replaced by a newer Radeon VII once I have the funds. Will use pulled parts for another future project build, such as an ITX HTPC/NAS.

Will update as modifications and upgrades are installed.

Listed component prices do NOT match actual cost.


  • 10 months ago
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Good build so far!with funds for a Radeon VII it will be so much better in performance.