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My Gaming Rig: Now with custom water cool!

by HeyDan83


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Date Published

April 4, 2014

Date Built

March 17, 2014

CPU Clock Rate

4.4 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

26.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

48.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.14 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

1.265 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

29.0° C

GPU Temperature Under Load

42.0° C


Update 02/04/2014


First I want to say this points because I know I´m gonna be criticized about water cool my GPU´s and this is the reason why I do this:

  • I want to get better temps and noise, and this is the current hardware I have, so that´s why I water cool my GPU´s.
  • For fun, is my first time water cooling and I think it was a great experience doing it with a great satisfaction at the end when you see your setup as you imagine it while ago.
  • Because I can afford it.

Finally my water cooling project is up and running, I have change some of the hardware I specified before, the mayor parts I´m using are listed in the part list, so basically I haven´t overclock my parts more than my past cooling system, but right now what I can see is that temperatures and noise level has decrease, even thought I have more fans they are spinning at low speed, so that´s how I manage to obtain a lower noise level, if my pc was heavy, right now I can barely move it hehe, well I think that my widely criticized GPU´s were the ones that get better temperatures, I think I can improve my CPU temps, maybe the thermal paste or the orientation I not sure, I´m gonna make some changes and see what happens.

One important thing to mention is that I had to mod my GPU blocks in order to fit the cards, so my recommendation is to always make your investigation before buying, I already knew before buying that I will needed to make the mod, so I made my investigation on how it was needed to be mod and I bought a Dremel in order to do it, there is a picture of the block moded.

I want to point out about my GPU´s as always, I gaming at 1080p with a 60hz monitor, these 2 GPU´s is all I need to achieve 60fps at 1080p at max settings on any game so far, if I have spent all this money on my pc, is obviously I can change my GPU´s whenever I want, but I don´t see the point, I´m gonna wait until I buy my 4k tv, and that´s the moment I´m gonna get a high and GPU or maybe 2.


One of the first things I want to point out is that I didnt have the 3000 dollars and went to make just one purchase of all of this, if I had that money at hand I know I could go with something more balance, I´ve been buying everything has money comes, so at the end i´ve been spending 3k dollars in like 2 years.

Well this has been like a 1-2 year work, so I haven´t get all the parts in one purchase I´ve been buying everything has money comes, I use this computer basically for gaming but I also use it for programing, I have a 42" tv next to my rig so I also use it to watch movies and if the game have the approach to be play with a controller I play in my tv, sometimes also I play with my mouse and keyboard I have a table where I can put them, I recommend that for people who want to play on the tv (a table like that, I will post some picture too).

I go for the 7870 for my Full HD monitor last year, I think this card works great for this resolution, maybe you will need to quit AA for some games, but I been playing everything max out, even crysis 3, this year I was thinking to get a R9 290x but I think i would be a waste of money have been use for less than a year the 7870, so I think it would be better just to crossfire it, and I continue to play at Full HD so I think this upgrade would be useful for next gen game at this resolution, and now I can play Crysis 3 with AA max. And also I can see that this configuration performs better than the 7970 and 680 so is no that bad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMaSdtPIm08

I went for the Corsair AX1200i meanly thinking in a future proof, and because next year Im planing been playing at 4k so I will need some energy hehe, this build is using like 450w while gaming, I can monitor it with the corsair link software, so you can have an idea, I its at 95-99% of efficiency idle and gaming, I really recommend the AXi series

Im planning maybe next year get an 4k tv, so Ill be wating for next gen GPU´s that would be more improve for 4k gaming.

About the sound blaster zx, well to be true is the first sound card I´ve ever been bought, so I can only compare with inboard sound and obviously is way better, it sounds great with both, the headsets and the home theater, I think is a well balance card for gaming, music and movies, I and like that in any kind of products, were you have the flexibility to do more than just one think.

About the Cooler Master Seidon 240m, I come from using a cooler master TPC 812 air cooler, and well definitely water cooling is way better, with air I just manage to overclock my CPU to 4.0ghz at like 80c, next year also Im planning to go for custom water cooling.

And now talking about the cooler master cosmos 2, well I think is a good case, you can store whatever you want, but now that Im planing to go for custom water cooling I found some issues with this case, and well the mainly is that the top mounting is too short to put a thick radiator, and this really disappoints me, because is not a cheap case and they´re selling it like a great water cooling solution, but Im looking for radiator like the XSPC AX360 that some of the reviews I´ve been looking says that despite the size, it does a great job cooling with low RPM fans.

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atomicruns 2 Builds 7 points 61 months ago

Why would you water cool the GPU? You spent too much money. For that much money you need a better GPU, too.

Totally kidding, just wanted to give you a rise for a second and make you think I didn't read the giant text in the description haha. Looks great! +1 for a killer rig.

HeyDan83 submitter 4 Builds 2 points 61 months ago

Hahaha that was a good one!.

jimmystempura 2 Builds 3 points 61 months ago

Gorgeous build but the power supply is pretty insane for this build. Are you those people who want to keep the power supply way below full loads to keep the fan from ramping up too hard?

HeyDan83 submitter 4 Builds 1 point 61 months ago

That´s one reason and the other one is because I´m planing to never change it, thinking in a future proof, so when I upgrade my GPU there will be room without any problem.

jimmystempura 2 Builds 2 points 61 months ago

Maybe in a decade, the compensation for the overpowered power supply may pay off, xD.

lualdu 3 points 61 months ago

Wow I'm impressed that you even FIT 12(?) fans in there. +1 for a PC I could never afford.

SpicyPickle 1 Build 2 points 61 months ago

I counted 16. Some of them were two packs. :)

HeyDan83 submitter 4 Builds 1 point 61 months ago

Thanks!, 16 to be exact

Josh_Grundon 2 points 61 months ago

+1 for a custom loop, i think they're awesome. WE NEED MOAR

RKYIAMN 2 points 61 months ago

who said too many fans was bad? xD love this build +1

xBlood_Monkey 10 Builds 2 points 61 months ago

Holy description, Batman!

Mirrorworld 3 Builds 2 points 61 months ago

This is awesome!

BaSkA 1 point 56 months ago

How is the Razer Mamba doing?

HeyDan83 submitter 4 Builds 1 point 55 months ago

Well I really like the mouse, the thing is that 1 year of use and it start to show some defects, sometimes I cant use it wireless because the mouse is not detected and one of the side buttons start to click loosely, I think it have 2 years of warranty so Im gonna start the process, if not for those things, the mouse is really good it have fast respond even wireless and is comfortable in the hand.

BaSkA 1 point 55 months ago

I know... all my friends have it and it is the most comfortable mice I have ever used. However, as you said, after some times problems always show up, which's sad... thanks anyway!

Reconmidget 0 points 57 months ago

How is the fan controller?