I built this rig for gaming and video editing. I usually play Overwatch on this system with some Street Fighter V.

I ran into some personal problems while building this rig since it was the first I've done one. I mainly brought some frustration into the building experience all because I put the GPU in to early before connecting everything else and cable management wasn't too bad, but I would recommend just getting a semi-modular or fully modular PSU for this case for a better experience with cable management and airflow. The front panel connectors are expected to be one of the worst things to deal with in PC build as they are so small and it was the highlight of my frustration with the build coupled with putting the GPU in too early. Everything worked out of the box. I only had a problem with the RAM slots as I had to push the A1 slot in real hard to get the RAM stick in there and I was afraid of breaking the motherboard after building the whole system for 10 hours.

Part Reviews


Works very well. I'm still contemplating whether I slightly cheaped out on the CPU or not for Overwatch.


Everything works, but I have to put so much pressure on the slots to get everything in that I think I'll accidently break the motherboard. A cheap motherboard that works very well with Kaby Lake CPU and everything works as intended.


It was slow on start-up when I first powered on the system, but it became progressively faster. A good alternative for those who can't afford an SSD, but need enough space and speed to get things done.

Video Card

Runs all of my games well above 60fps and 144+ fps on Overwatch. I have the Windforce Version of this card and the smart indicator seems to be buggy or it's probably the fact that most people say that AMD cards don't run their intended clocks at a stable rate. After using MSI Afterburner to increase the power limit and stabilize the clock speeds, the smart LED indicator problem seems to go away considering the fact that I got a 600w, 80+ Bronze, EVGA PSU.


Very good case for its price. Came with a slight scratch on the side of the case without a side panel. Cable Management could be better, but buying a semi-modular PSU should negate this downside.

Power Supply

Works as intended. I got a discount from Newegg for this after I bought a 450w version of the same PSU that got shipped to the wrong place.


Works like a charm, no dead pixels. Only gripe about it is the terrible quality of the speakers. I got it from a sale on Newegg.


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more pics on the inside plz

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Cable management isn't the best. They're somewhat over the place.

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I saw that your having issues with the fan indicator light also. I seem to be having the same problems but it only says it's stopped when it's stopped or it's going at a low RPM, above 600 RPM it seems to work fine

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I fixed my GPU LED indicator problem. I forgot to fully close the PCI-E slot on my Mobo.

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Very well-balanced system. The CPU should do you just fine for the time being, it shouldn't bottleneck your 470 in most cases. Adding more RAM might be something you want to do in the future, however. Other than that, very well done!

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The Mobo only has 2 fan headers, the rest will have to be plugged into a molex connector on the PSU.