Before you start commenting about how this should have a ryzen 3 (which it probably should), read this through.

This build started in january in the height of the mining crisis, when a friend of mine said that he wanted to build a pc on a budget. I realized that at the time it would have been stupid to buy a video card, so I told him to get this cpu and motherboard, as unlike the r3 1200, this cpu has an igpu. Anyways, he bought this platform, and then a few weeks later, he found this 1060 at msrp (used) and impulse bought it. The rest of the build slowly fell together over the next few months, leading to the build today. Despite the questionable choice of cpu, it isn't actually an issue in most games, as 3.9 ghz kaby lake is still plenty of single core performance for a 1060, and he is planning on upgrading it imminently.

(I realized after the build was done that it looked remarkably like a cyberpower pc that has been at my local walmart seemingly since the beginning of time, which is the last picture)

Part Reviews


I struggle to find a reason to like this. From what I have found, the 2200g is better in almost every way. Unfortunately, that didn't exist when I bought this.


Honesty, it works and its cheap. Nobody expects any more of this board than that. I would like to have had more than 1 case fan header though... is it really that hard MSI?


God bless whoever at gskill decided that the extra 1 cent for a black pcb was worth it.


I find myself using this ssd a lot. It works faster than a spinner and that's what really matters.


I think that 1TB is pushing it in 2018, but it's ok I guess.

Video Card

I certainly like its white aestheic, and this one overclocked decently and wasn't too loud. I took away a star because I would have liked to have seen a backplate.


This case is honestly fantastic. I like how they included a manual rgb and fan controller, rgb strip, and swappable top panels, as well as the general aesthetic. As much as it may seem irrelevant, the both the mechanism for removing the front panel and the tempered glass panel are infinitely better than that of any other case I have ever dealt with (400c and s340 included).

Power Supply

I have used this family of power supply several times, and I am just happy that they finally got over ketchup and mustard cables on the budget end. Also, the pcie connector is only 1 6+2 pin, which means the second one won't be dangling off the end of the graphics card. Just keep in mind that connecting something like an rx 580 with a 6+8 pin connector extremely hard.


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Unfortunately, that didn't exist when I bought this.

Then theres zero reason to beat yourself up for not buying it. The 7100 isn't horrible, but yes, the 2200g is much better.

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Unless you had a crystal ball at hand and knew that a better option was coming, then it's really not anyones fault. If the 7100 does the job, then there's nothing to feel bad about.

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Keep it polite or don't comment on this site.

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+1 from me mate that's a nice clean looking build