Aside from "every day" computer usage like web browsing, mainly games and video rendering/rendering.

(Pictures are forthcoming. I know they are nice but i need to retrieve them from the camera)

Notes for later:

Part Reviews


I'm impressed with this CPU and how easy it was to overclock it. I'm sure the h100i v2 and motherboard had a hand on this but compared to my FX-8350 this just worked. Gladly would recommend.

CPU Cooler

I like this; it was easy to install. The instructions could have been better. I can't tell you about relative cooling performance though since I've only used this cooler on this chip. But, install was pretty easy and it keeps the chip pretty cool.


I like this motherboard. The BIOS is great. Like other boards, I wish the software was documented more clearly on the web site. But that aside, the motherboard is great. BIOs is notable; very good.

I feel this board contributed to my ease of overclocking with regards to how the menus are laid out and such.


It holds data while the CPU mutate it. 10/10 -- will mutate more data contain within this RAM.

Note, that I went with the 2666 because it was price similar to DDR4-2400 which itself was out of stock.


Carry over part -- used exclusively to hold steam games.


Carry forward part from a previous build; used as the boot disk. Significant upgrade over the traditional HDD. Good stuff.


Three years on and still kicking. No complaints. Has held up with no problems.

Video Card

This video card is old as I write this review; replaced by new generations. It's a carry over part and while it's held up well enough, it's overclocking ability seems fairly locked (despite it's obnoxious WindForce cooler). I'd go with a different make in the future.


Yes, yes, YES! Best case ever. OMG this case actually made my build easier. I had no idea that a case can improve the build process. Who knew!?

I love

  • The aesthetics.
  • Side panel Removal / Install
  • cord/cable management
  • configurability -- the HHD cages can be moved AND there are special spots for SSDs.
  • Magnetic dust screen.
  • Front panel's "clips"

Power Supply

The only problem I've had with this is it's really difficult to plug in the motherboard power connector. Other than this, it's great. I know there are better PSU out there but I saved some money by carrying this forward for the time being.

Optical Drive

No complaints. Works well and has held up since my original build (now in my second build)

Operating System

I'm a professional software engineer and as such have an MSDN. Meaning, I have access to all of MS's OSes. I like the changes and enhancements they've made to Windows 10. Security and upgrade "concerns" aside (which I don't really share), I do recommend this over older versions. I think MS has done good stuff on Win10.

Wireless Network Adapter

In conjunction to a rather premium router, this gives me full signal strength. For reasons, I can't run CAT cables throughout my house and so this is the next best thing. I play online games on this -- like CS:GO and Overwatch -- with no issues. I see no difference using this over a CAT cable.


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Nice build, I would change the PSU if you were going to get a new GPU in the future. +1

  • 41 months ago
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Thank you. I do intend too.

The PSU is slated next; the GPU I'm thinking to see what Nvidia brings out in the 1000 series over the next few months. I'm wondering if there will be a 1060 and what the relative performance will be.

Shockingly, the GPU performance (1080p anyway), are solid. 60+ FPS at 1080p in almost all games. Few exceptions to that.

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Do you have a suggestion on the PSU? I'm starting to look around and plan that.

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Evga g2/p2, corsair rmx/rmi,seasonic g. 500w+