This is my first build and the whole project started on April 2016. The build has gone through a considerable evolution over the year from having the video card jump from a 970 Hybrid to a 1080GTX , Case change from a H440 to PC-O8 and moving away from 2.5 SSDs to M.2s.

CPU - Initial plan was to go for a i7 6700k but later on decided to go for i5 6600K since this build was purely for gaming and I didn't really see the point in investing the extra 100$ for the processor. I would rather invest it in my video card. 6600K is overclocked to 4.4Ghz .

CPU Cooler - Being intrigued by water cooling yet not having the guts to get a full scale water cooling solution, I decided to get myself an AIO. Now the choice was which AIO will I get. I was looking at Corsairs H series , it was at this time I came across Deepcool Captain 240s. The product didn't have as many reviews but I really liked the steam punk design and it fit my Black and red theme , so I got that .

Motherboard - Initially when I planned to build the PC , the whole build was based on value for money buys and the Gaming 5 pretty much fit my requirements at a very reasonable price.

Memory - Since I had decided on a Black and Red theme , i wanted a pair of red memory sticks. And in 2016 RGB memory sticks wasn't a big deal and it was then I had come across Avexir Impacts with the red leds. The specs also looked pretty good to me, I wasn't expecting them to give me out of this world performance but turns out that they are pretty good sticks.Right now they are running at 3500 Mhz. Sadly I only got 4GB x2 sticks, I do regret that but they get the work done pretty well so cant complain there either.

Storage - Initially I got myself a 250GB Samsung 840 Evo 2.5" SSDs and 2.5" 7200 WD HDD from my defunct laptop. I have eventually replaced with SAMSUNG 960 EVO M.2 1TB NVMe and Crucial MX300 1TB M.2 (2280).When I changed PC cases , I didn't like the whole 3.5" HDD enclosure in the Lian Li so I chose to have bothe the 2.5"s removed ,really havnt decided what to do with them yet.

GPU - Initially when I wanted to make the build 970GTX was the best value for money card I could buy and so I ended up getting an EVGA 970 GTX Hybrid card (Mostly because I am obsessed with water cooling and the low temps ).Right after I got the 970GTX and finished my build ,in May 2016 Nvidia came out with the 10 series pascal cards. In June 2016 I applied for the Step -Up program to step up to a 1080 .And the fact that I only had to make the extra payment after a couple of months once the Step up was confirmed helped me financially too lol. Eventually after sending in my 970 Hybrid , I received my 1080GTX in Sept . WOOT WOOT !!. Its an amazing card but again I wasn't too happy with the temps and after the whole VRM overheating fiasco , I upgraded the cooling to their Hybrid Solution. With the new cooling solution , I max out at 51 while running synthetic benchmarks.Not bad.

PSU - i got EVGA - SuperNOVA P2 650W 80+ Platinum for pretty cheap so went for it. I also got some sleeved cables from Cable Mod.

Case - I had come across Lian Li PC-O8 while researching for a good case but it was too expensive so I went for NZXT H440 . It was an amazing case ,even had an inbuilt PWM hub and which helped me keep my acoustics pretty low [Gigabyte Gaming 5 only has 1 PWM fan Hub] and provided good air flow and dust protection. After a year with the case once I had enough , I upgraded and got my self an early birthday gift in the form of PC-O8 .PC-O8 is a dual-compartment chassis which combines tempered glass and aluminium.Even though its marketed as a case perfect for a full custom water loop , the case has pretty good airflow.Not once have I regretted this upgrade!

Case fan - With the H440, I used the default fans , but once I got the PC-O8 I had to get some nice RGB fans.My choices were Red Corsairs ML or Thermaltake Riing and I personally love the design of the Riing series. This is where I started hating that company. Once I fixed my fans they weren't capable of changing colours because both the controllers I got with the Fans were not working. So I ended up messaging them on Facebook and made a post on their forum -* * . The company made no effort to help even after I put in a ticket with them either. Terrible customer support. Eventually a fellow user told me how to fix the issue and it was the weirdest fix for a "premium product"- I ended up loosening the screws which held the case together and voila it worked lol , now the only issue was the buggy Thermaltake Software , which would randomly claim that my fans are not working even though they are...this issue has been since resolved after the software was updated,kudos to TT for at-least doing that. Each controller has to be connected to the USB 2.0 header on your motherboard and the software has to be up and running for the fans to ramp up in case temps rise, If by any chance the software isn't running the fan RPM will remain at the same as when it was when you last ran the software..which I think is kind of counter intuitive.but hey there is only so much you can expect from Thermaltake. Also the one controller can have upto 5 fans plugged in at a time and sadly since I have 6 , I have to use one controller just for the extra fan so I ended up removing one fan out while I am still looking for ways to run that sixth fan off the same controller

Update: The Samsung S29E790C (25601080 @ 60Hz) has been replaced by AOC Agon AG352UCG 35” (34401440 @100Hz + Gsync)


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May I ask what type of desk you use?