This build actually isn't for me and is made up of parts I had laying around minus the power supply. I plan on selling it hence the name The Money Machine

If you check out my other completed builds you will know why I chose the parts I did minus the GPU and power supply.

I managed to get the GPU about exactly one year ago for ~$140 brand new at Microcenter which was a fairly good deal for it then. It stays super cool too. I know it has some sag (not noticeable in the pictures) which is probably due to it taking a huge blunt impact but it still works perfectly fine and passes any tests I throw at it for however long. With it slightly overclocked it manages to stay at about 60C during torture testing i.e Furmark.

For the PSU Corsair knocked it out of the park with the new CXM series. While I'm not going to try to review since I really can't in detail like Johhyguru could or HardOCP could I will list some things I like at it. It has a very long 24 pin cable, its actually is longer than the one on my my 750 watt Evga G2. It also has a longer EPS cable which is also nice. Neither are stupidly long to the point where you would have a bunch of extra cable in a mid tower case though. Its also is fairly small. The PCI-E cables seem a bit short to me but that is probably due to the way I routed it.

I think I did a pretty good job with cable management, its pleasant to look at in the front and back unlike the my build mainly due to all of the fan cables and me using extensions.

The case has a bit of damaged since it was dropped out a car. Both side panels require more force than normal to get into place and one side panel screw is bent but the other 3 work fine and secure the panels good. The Sicklefan is on the side of the case if you was wondering where it was at.

Part Reviews

Power Supply

Jonnyguru has a great review on this unit if you are interested, I will link to it below.

It has a long 24 pin and 8 pin EPS cable which is very nice. For its normal price of ~$50 it has a unbeatable bang for your buck. If you are on a budget for a PSU and only have around ~$50 I would strongly suggest this unit because unless there is some crazy flash sale you aren't going to get anything better. (the difference between it and the CXM is that the CXM may not have all jap caps and that its single rail.),4770.html

Here is one by Tom's.


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You have an extra 280x lying around, while I'm begging for the 460 2GB to be cheaper.

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I sold it a couple of months ago. I wanted it gone asap since I had it put together since like September and I got $250 for it. I could have gotten more out of it but I didn't feel like waiting around any longer or having to deal with shipping since I managed to find someone who brought it locally.

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Nope. Its a gaming build that is soon to be sold.

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