In April 2017 I did this build for my pops, almost 60 years old but pretty good with computers. He needed a new PC for his home office (he's a major workaholic who needs to retire already!) so I suggested I could build one for him, and he could watch and help out. I went a bit overkill on the GPU just in case he decided to do some photo or video editing, or whatever he wants. I actually turned him on to GTA V recently (the first game he is okay at!) and with this GPU he can play it himself at medium-ish settings at a decent FPS if he chooses.

I got the motherboard super cheap ($25!) at my local Microcenter with the CPU bundled. I also gave him my old speakers and spare keyboard/mouse (keyboard has since crapped out - see updates). Overall, I wanted to make him a build to last a while and this seems to do the trick. Kind of wish we waited for Ryzen 3 though, but he seems very happy with his i3. He said that this PC is faster than the laptop his job assigned him, which has an i7, even without an SSD (hey, I offered).

I've included a bonus photo of the old man playing GTA V for the first time on his new PC because he seemed really happy running people over. Said it relieves stress! Haha.


Added another cheap fan and an even cheaper fan controller for more cooling. Fans are still a work in progress.

The keyboard ending up crapping out a few months after I made the build, and dad started complaining about wireless keyboards always dying on him. SO, I talked him into buying a Logitech K840 mechanical for $60, which had just come out. He loves the damn thing. We will see how it lasts!

Finally, I redid all of the cable management and added a photo!


My dad still says he loves the PC! He says he keeps having issues with the laptops his job gives him (driver problems, sluggishness, etc) and that he recently bragged to his boss that I built him an inexpensive PC that hasn't had a single issue yet. So that felt good, LOL! I made him promise to tell me immediately if he comes across a single issue, even just a small stutter in his workflow... so far, nothing. Not a single gripe! Seems like a win to me!

He also LOVES his Logitech K840. Says it is the best keyboard he's ever used! Soon I will probably get him a nicer mouse to go along with it. I have some other upgrades planned such as adding an SSD eventually, and getting another stick of RAM. But for now? I think the build is perfect for him!

Part Reviews


Fine for what my dad needs. I was originally going to get him a Pentium but he insisted on paying a bit more for the i3. Got the 6100 over 7100 because of a sweet mobo deal. I wish we waited for Ryzen 3 but, oh well, this is fine.


Really this is just awesome because of the price I got it for at Microcenter. Other than that, I don't know if you can go much lower with your mobo which is saying a lot because this is a decent board. I did have to get a splitter to use 2 case fans but that's expected for a low end motherboard.


Just some basic DDR4 RAM. Got it at a good price in April. No issues here!


Well, lots of space and hasn't failed. Faster than the 5400RPM that was used previously. Not much else to say here.

Video Card

A pretty OK card. A bit much for my dad's build, but this will let him do graphical stuff if he so chooses. I tested some games and it's great for 30-40 fps on med-high settings. Overall pleased with it.


In hindsight I wish I picked a smaller case. It's a nice, basic case but I paid too much for it. Plenty of room for all your peripherals and very easy to build in. Also lots of spots to put in extra fans. It's great for my dad because he likes the all-black plain jane look with no window. If you can get this thing for under $50 I'd say go for it.

Power Supply

Probably the worst part of my dad's build. It works fine, and it was cheap, but there is a bit of a fan whine occasionally in the PC and I narrowed it down to this PSU. Not a big deal but if it gets bad enough I'll probably replace it.

Operating System

A gross necessity.

Case Fan

Super powerful fan, let's see how long it lasts!

Fan Controller

Cheap fan controller. Not particularly pretty, but so far it's doing a good job. Unless it fails, this is a great item.


Awesome picture for a TN panel. I picked this monitor specifically because it had built in speakers. Kind of overpriced but it's a pretty alright monitor.


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Not too shabby for what you got in there. Good job.

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Thank you! I keep forgetting to add new photos - the cables no longer look such a mess.

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Good pc!I like it

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