This is the first PC I've built from scratch. Aside from the CPU, Cooler, Graphics Card and Memory, everything has been salvaged from my old machine which is why there's ten-year-old hard drive in there. If you think the cable management here is bad you should've seen my last computer!

Not a great deal of RGB bling as unfortunately the perspex panel will be facing a wall.

The stock configuration for the fans was a 200mm intake at the front and 140mm exhausts at the back and on the top. I fitted the AIO radiator on the top with the fans as exhausts blowing through the radiator and moved the 140mm fan that was on top to the bottom as an intake, removing the bottom HDD cage to (hopefully) direct air towards the graphics card. I'm considering replacing the 200mm intake fan at the front with a pair of 140mm ones.

Haven't put this machine to the test yet as it's overkill for my 1080p 60hz monitor, but the plan is to get a 1440p ultrawide monitor and see how she handles it.

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Not recommended - initially the terrible Corsair Link software didn't detect the cooler at all and I had to plug it into an IO USB port using a spare cable from a sat nav. It seems to now be working and cools reasonably well however be warned that on any fan setting other than Quiet (or similarly set up custom curve) it sounds like a jet engine.


So far have been able to reach speeds of 2933mhz with Ryzen 7 1700X and Asus STRIX X370-F.


Impressed with this case. Comes with some good quality fans. RGB is a nice touch but not overdone. If you attempt to put a 140mm fan in the bottom towards the front be warned that you will only be able to get two screws into the fan.

Sound Card

Got this second hand for £50. Has stopped a nasty interference issue I was having before.


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That Tele placement in picture #2

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Good build +1! I like your case and how the LEDs are placed around it on the outside along with the incorporated viewing window, just needs some cable management to be done. Also, I think the aurora coming off of your graphics card in the photo looks cool as well.