Background: So this build had some major ups and downs. I spent a lot of time working on my PhD with no income for around 17 months and when I finally got a job after my wife and I decided it would be super fun to build a PC together. I researched and ordered the parts which I could relax and play some games on and do some gamedev and stream myself doing so. We followed a build guide on youtube and everything went well.

My wife's tiny hands were alot better at these things than my stumpy digits. We were excited so were building until almost 1am. However, when we tried to boot we ran into a problem. There was no output from the GPU IO. We tried reseating the GPU, reinstalling RAM checking the cables, everything we could think of. The display only worked from the integrated graphics. After talking with the GPU manufacturer we were told to send the GPU back for a replacement. It sucked but after a week we received a new GPU. It turns out though that the problem was from the motherboard pcie slot... My friend from work said he could bring his GPU over during the week and we went back and forth from his home changing the GPU and power supply to rule it all out. Now I sent back the motherboard. This was purchased on amazon so it was fairly simple. We just had more waiting. Finally, today we refitted all the parts and the PC booted and all was well. Until I realised I had left my mouse 2.4GHz and bluetooth dongles on the motherboard I had sent off! -_-

I am posting this thread now from the new PC which we have decided to call "Oreo" due to the black exterior and white interior parts. Super happy with the build even though there were some problems along the way.

Now we have finished my wife is already looking at parts so she can build one as it was so much fun :D


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Nice build and a very fitting name. Also congrats on being featured.

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Thankyou :D