Custom Loop PC build featuring the AMD Ryzen R7 1700 on an MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, GTX 1080Ti Founder Edition by EVGA, an EVGA Supernova G3 1000W psu, and 32 gb of DDR4 2666 ram packed into a Thermaltake Core P3 Special Edition MSI case. To celebrate the rise of AMD in the recent months, I decided to make my first ever custom water cooled pc based on AMD's impressive Ryzen platform. This was a fun project to do.

Part Reviews


Great budget 8 core 16 thread cpu more than capable of doing any workloads with a decent gaming experience. Lacking in raw clock-speeds, this processor makes up for that in its extremely efficient multi-core performance and its ability to overclock for an extra boost of performance. Overall, a very solid choice from Team Red.


Packed with a a great set of features and a user-friendly bios, this motherboard has become one of my favorites and a must have for a beginner X370 motherboard. Featuring an 8+2 phase power delivery, 2x Turbo M.2 NVME support, SLI / CF support, DDR4 3200+ support, USB 3.1 gen 2, and Military Class 4 protection, this motherboard offers a great experience for beginners and enthusiasts alike.


Fast and solid NVME drive. Samsung has set the bar in this territory of M.2 SSD's.

Video Card

It's a 1080Ti... is there anything that hasn't been said about it?


Great looking case to feature components, makes for a great budget test-bench. As for functioning as an actual case, it is fairly lackluster. Expect to be cleaning and dusting your computer parts regularly. It comes included with a dust filter about as useful as wet toilet paper. Assembly required.

Power Supply

Great power supply featuring a Full Modular design and 80+ Gold Efficiency. Fan only comes on when the internals get hot or if the system is under heavy load. It is more than capable of pushing power hungry components and a multi-gpu setup. Backed by EVGA's 10 year warranty and God-tier customer service, this power supply is hard to pass up at under 200$ USD.

Case Fan

Works great as fans...

Fans plug into a fan hub using a PROPRIETARY 5+4 pin connector. All RGB and fan RPM tweaks are done through software, but good luck trying to get the software to work because i have yet to actually get mine to work properly. Luckily enough, the fans spin at a reasonable RPM out of the box. It may be a problem with the AMD chipset as a whole, but these fans do not seem to function very well and for 90$ USD with proprietary connectors, look elsewhere for RGB fans.

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  • 30 months ago
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Wow, inb4 feature!

  • 30 months ago
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This is what us here at PCPP like to call...



  • 30 months ago
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Contact thermaltake, I had the same problem and they just sent me another controller which fixed the issue

  • 30 months ago
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Sweet! Love the vinyl dragons! Looks like a lot of work went into this!

  • 30 months ago
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Solid overall, may want to grab a Zen+ and OC the snot out of it. +1

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