This is my first ever build, It's not really flashy or anything but I like how it looks even know the cable management isn't too good. It performs really nice and can run pretty much any game at 75 fps, 1080p (monitor max) on max settings with temperatures of max 70°C. The custom prices I put on there are what I payed, I live in The Netherlands so it is probably different from what you would pay.

Any feedback is more than welcome so please tell me what you think, thank you.

Part Reviews


Good for gaming and working, does the job and does it good.

CPU Cooler

Quiet, does the job and it's quite cheap so I'm happy


I got this to future proof my system, for now i'm not going to overclock. It works perfectly fine and it has a really nice BIOS but still this motherboard is quite expensive for what you get


Good RAM, it does exactly what you would want, it looks nice and it comes in at a good price.


Good SSD, does what it has to. the only thing is that Kingston has a bit cheaper, exactly the same alternative. I got this one beacuse I couldn't get the Kingston one but that's fine.


2TB is more than I'm ever going to need, I still got it because the 1TB version was just 10 euros cheaper where I got it. It works perfectly fine, Its fast and it's quiet.

Video Card

Very nice GPU, I'm really happy with it. It can run most games and even newer titles on max settings: 75 FPS, 1080p. It's quiet, It's cool and I'm really happy I have it.


Good case, looks nice if your not into RGB and like a simple, non gamery design. Not a whole load of room for cable management but you're not going to see the insides of your PC anyway. I love it.

Power Supply

Does the job, semi modular for an okay price.

Operating System

Well it's windows so it runs steam. pretty expensive though, even know there are ways to work around that... wink wink


Very good 1080p 75 Hz 1ms refresh rate monitor. Colours look great, viewing angles are great, AMD Freesync(It's a shame I can't use it but thats okay), great for gaming. the only con is that it has a bad stand and it's a bit wobbly


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Congrats on your first build! I'd recommend you take some time and work now on cable management as even small improvements have a big impact.

You might want to look for a cheap case that is a little nicer as it will also have a big impact on improving the visual aspect of your build. I was able to find a great case at a great price when I built my first build back in March.

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Hey man, not a bad build. Congrats on popping your cherry and welcome to the master race. :)

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I would definitely flip that cpu fan so that it is either on the bottom blowing up or on the right blowing left. There is thermal improvement to be had. Also, I hope you're aware you can't use freesync with that pc.