Built to handle anything thrown at it; from 4k, ultra-wides, and 144hz monitors, VR headsets, some video editing, and streaming. I can play anything at max settings with no issues and experience a lot of old games and new that I haven't been able to experience before. Case had great organization systems, I especially liked the lack of HDD drive bays since I dont need to use those anymore, which allowed me to fit the same hardware in a smaller case overall. Liquid cooling system was easy to install and definitely a new experience for me after years of installing air cooling systems in previous builds. It is so much quieter than any other build i have put together and that was a high priority on the design. The only conflict I ran into with the case and video card is the front HDMI port for VR. Its designed with a HDMI cable inside the case to plug into the graphics card, however unless you buy a graphics card with a special HDMI port built on the opposite side of the normal port area of a graphics card, then the connectivity of this port is kind of clunky. With my MSI card I have to run the cable out the back of the case and into one of the ports on the card, which works but is not a well thought out design. After doing some research I found that some brands of video cards like Gigabyte come with a special HDMI port on the opposite end of the card for use with forward access HDMI ports, which allows for the connection to be completely enclosed in the case. Its not a huge issue, I dont currently have VR setup anyways so Its not affecting the look at all, but it is a unique feature that one has to take into consideration for if thats a feature that you are interested in adding.

I was excited to finally upgrade to the latest and greatest after using my 9 year old system, and I learned a lot about the major and minor changes of hardware that has come about in the last decade or so.

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  • 32 months ago
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Good looking build, but I read the title as "MSI B&B System." (MSI bed & Breafast)