All-around performance build - Gaming, video encoding and transcoding, some photo and video editing. All parts slowly to added to tower since Dec 18'(with the exception of BR burner and power supply). This has evolved from My ROG STRIX 1700 build with a B350 chipset. 3900x ran well on the B350 for about a week while I waited on my X570 board. Very stable build. Thinking about going to a 49" Samsung 1440p ultrawide 120hz monitor. Frame rate on current monitor are excellent all maxed out. Still room for storage expansion.

Part Reviews


It is with the 3900X that AMD starts dominating in the current market! Intel can't compete in raw power at this price point! Incredible given that most software in the market today is written with Intel in mind! Gaming is as smooth as silk and multithreaded efficiency is outstanding! My transcoding and encoding times are twice as fast as my overclocked Ryzen 1700 was!

CPU Cooler

This unit keeps speed at 4.0 - 4.1ghz during extented 100% cpu loads. Price is usually good. average performance.


Good looking board, great expandability and loaded with options. Excellent VRM. No compromising loads of I/O bandwidth! Have used ASUS motherboards for over 15 years. They are good about Bios support and quality is never an issue.


Carry over from B350 Strix board. They just work!


PCI 4.0! Just added 2 of these. Plan to use as scratch drives and game storage. Transfer rates are incredible EVEN without being in RAID.


Good 140-180Mps average transfer rate. Have never had one fail.


Good 140-180Mps average transfer rate. Usually has the best sale prices.

Video Card

Top speed currently among the air-cooled models. During games it usually stays up around 2 gigahertz! Fast transcoder with supporting software. Picture quality is excellent!


Has almost every feature you need in a modern build. Great airflow. Good looking and clean. Plenty of room. Should come with additional drive mounts. Wish the front USB were 3.1!

Power Supply

Has served me well for about 4-5 years now. great build quality. The newest edition can be had for about $110 on sale.

Optical Drive

Have had for about 7 or 8 years. Firmware updated once or twice. Excellent drive that is not sold anymore. 8 Mb cache!

Operating System

Not much choice if you want support and compatibility.


Excellent picture quality. Great features. IPS! At the time of purchase, 1440p at this size was almost 2x as much.


A little larger than average. Has gaming keys. Not as bright as Corsair models. Software a bit clunky. Price is good.


Very comfortable and adjustible. Great price.


Very good build quaility. Very clear. Works well with or without USB surround attachment.


Good sounding, inexpensive speakers.

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How is the M.2 Drive performance so far? is it worth it ? for daily drive ?