Update! * I now have the cpu overclocked at 5.2Ghz * And a +150Mhz on GPU clock along with +500Mhz on GPU memory clock

Ever since i saw the Phanteks Evolv ITX case I've always wanted to build in it. First time i saw the case was actually on the origin pc site years ago. Then more recently i came across racerover's "White Monster" build here on pcpartpicker, and i new i had to build a Evolv ITX pc in the white tempered glass edition.

This was my first pc build from the ground up.

I got a deal on a used EVGA GTX 1080 Hybrid (Founders Edition with hybrid kit installed) and that was the deciding factor that made me go ahead with the build. I really liked the idea of a hybrid card because of the form factor of this case. I had a 140mm - 120mm reducer 3D printed so i could keep two 140mm fans in front as intake and it just fit! I threw in a phanteks universal fan controller so i could simply control the fan speed on the lower front fan and gpu rad, because out of the box the hybrid kit i have would have run 100% all the time. With the the fan controller I have three options/buttons to set speeds; 1-Silent (40%), 2-Balanced (70%), 3-Performance (100%). This allowed me to quiet the pc when the gpu is not under load. Initially i was going to go with two 120mm fans in push pull on the rad but eventually just decided on a 140mm with the custom reducer.

I decided on the 9700K for Workstation/Gaming Balance. Considering my last computer had a dual core i7 this was a big step up for me! I stuck with console gaming for quite some time, but wanted to make the jump into pc gaming, and so after some reading i decided on the 9700K. Doing some research on cooling and with the advice of a friend, i decided on a Noctua air cooler. Their chromax editions look amazing in my opinion and seeing it in raceover's build made it a no brainer. It was a tight fit though! and i had to remove the top panel to get everything to screw into place. Anyone else building with this size cooler in this case be mindful of this!

I threw in two m.2 drives for quick read/write speeds and man are they fast!

If anyone is wondering about the name of this build "qakuqtuq" = "white" in Inuktut (Inuit Language)

I look forward to doing some over clocking in the near future! Especially for once i have the funds for a 1440p monitor. But for now this GTX 1080 does really well at 1080p!

Part Reviews


This CPU was a perfect balance between gaming and workstation use. I do a lot of photo editing along with some music creation, so it was a good balance between price/performance!

CPU Cooler

This cooler is a beast! I wanted absolutely best performance from an air cooler the this thing delivered! I recommend it to anyone not wanting to deal with liquid cooling!


This mother board came with all the feature i wanted for my build. Built in wifi, dual m.2 slots, and the ability to overclock, i don't think there is a better z390 ITX board out there!


These low profile ram sticks are beautiful in white and match my B&W build really well. Was looking for anything RGB just simple and elegant, and these fit that bill!


Price to performance on this m.2 is amazing! I boot into windows in 15 seconds! I dont think i can go back to sata after experiencing m.2 nvme speeds!


This is perfect for a secondary drive, for me, for data storage separate from my boot drive. I recommend it to anyone as it is lighting fast! NVME is the way to go for me going forward!

Video Card

This card stay real cool! Especially in an ITX case. I wasn't planning on overclocking but after seeing thermals i am going to get a little bit more performance out of the card and do an overclock!


This case is absolutely stunning! When i first saw the Evolv ITX i new i wanted it! But when i saw the Tempered Glass edition come out i know i was going to own it! I've read review that thermals wernt the best in this case but have been very happy with my build in it! I recommend it because it is a solid ITX with great cable managment, and a good amount of room for an ITX form factor.

Power Supply

The RMx white series is by far the best looking white PSU, for anyone looking for a white PSU! The fact that is it fully modular made cable management a dream!

Case Fan

I love Noctua products, and the chromax series, is the icing on the cake to make your build look amazing! These made my B&W build look like a million bucks! Paired perfect with my NH-D15.

Case Fan

Great airflow with these fans! I've got three in my ITX build, two for intake and one exhaust and my temps are great!


This is my first keyboard with Cherry MX switches and i couldn't be happier! I don't think I can go back to anything else. The media buttons and volume control are very useful as well!


Great mouse! Only reason i removed a star is that i find the cord a bit stiff as it is braided cable.


Really completes the look of my build! As beastly as the NH-D15 looks, these covers really make the cooler look slick!

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  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

Beautiful B&W build. I feel that a hybrid GPU is the perfect card for an ITX-tower rig. The dual M.2 setup is the way to go, especially since it deletes cables. The wires could be straightened out a bit, but other than that, what a lovely setup.

  • Regarding the load temps you posted, were they achieved during gaming, benchmarking, stressing?
  • How well does the SS M.2 heatsink perform?
  • What's with the fan inbetween the front intake and GPU radiator?
  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

Thanks for the comment! I'm in the process of bench marking and, and collecting data while gaming, so i'll be sure to follow up once i have more information! I am tempted to get a cablemod kit to straighten them out without the hassle of dealing with cable combs. haha

  • As for the load temps i posted, they were achieved when running Time Spy in 3DMARK three times over. I used CPUID HWMonitor to get the min/max values. Still need to do actual gaming tests though and will do soon! (Still downloading games)
  • The m.2 heat sink performs quite well, i decided on it from a youtube review. This one was selected as to having the best performance out of all and comparing the temps between the front and rear m.2 drives, the one in the rear definitely keeps cooler! i'll post a pic later on showing the differences when under load and at idle.
  • It is not actually a fan but a custom 3D printed part. So i can mount a 140mm fan to the 120mm rad for the AIO GPU.
  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Please do keep us updated! It's a well-executed build. When I've researched on M.2 heatsinks, most of the times they're reviewed as a hit or miss. I feel like one is needed for the drive slot on the backside of the mobo, especially in smaller enclosures.

Have you thought about switching the fan to the other side so the rad would be attached to the front fan & be in a push-pull config?

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

So I was gaming for about an hour to get the case up to temperature with my newly implemented overclocks. I had HWMonitor open to record the min/max values and got a result. The rear m.2 drive managed to stay 4°C cooler, 56°C vs 52°C, compared to the front mounted boot drive. After gaming I wrote a 10GB file to each drive simultaneously to get them to heat up. If you are curious I’ve added a screen capture of my temps on components to my images set. Hope this was informative enough

  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice build! I've made one very similar! :)

  • 12 months ago
  • 1 point

Your build was actually another inspiration for mine! Very Nice update with the MSI 1080 i must say. I had considered a black case after seeing yours, but am happy with the decision i had made. Thanks for your comment! How are your thermals with the air cooled GPU? I will probably update in a few years but always wondered about how an air cooled card would perform.

  • 12 months ago
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Oh, that is nice to hear! :) My 1080 reaches max. 71°C in Heaven... when gaming and playing around in SolidWorks, it sits around 60°C.

  • 12 months ago
  • 2 points

Came to see how the CPU cooler sits on the mother board, Stayed to see how good the build was!

  • 12 months ago
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  • 11 months ago
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Great build, man!

One question, though, how close is the leftmost RAM (from the 9th photo that you've posted) to NH-D15's heatpipes and/or lower fin stack?

I'm planning to buy this same motherboard and CPU cooler--Asus ROG Strix Z390-I and NH-D15 (will only use it in single-fan mode), respectively--but with the RAM being the Corsair Dominator Platinum (

The RAM that I have chosen has enough clearance in terms of height (10 more millimeters to spare), but I'm afraid that it might get into contact with NH-D15's heatpipes and/or lower fin stacks due to the close proximity of the CPU socket and memory slots of said motherboard.

  • 9 months ago
  • 1 point

Lovely neat build - makes me think I ought to have gone for the white instead of the black Chromax covers.

  • 5 months ago
  • 1 point

This is gorgeous. I'm trying to quickly learn about fans and how to set them.

I have a 9700k coming in a couple days and deciding on case. and fan situation with a dh15

  • 2 months ago
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Just curious as I have this board do both m.2 drives run at full speed reading and writing to each other ?