An annoying, outdated completed build from 2 years ago being uploaded now? Yes.

I really should have made this after I built the computer but I guess I was too busy enjoying the FPS in BF4 to bother. I am getting back into PC hard ware a bit because I am making 2 new PCs for my brother and my friend for this years Christmas. Those shall be uploaded shortly. I think I was 14 when I made this.

I bought the parts around Black Friday and Christmas time sales, then had the antagonising wait until build day just after Christmas.


  • Back when i built this, the i5-6500 was the best price/performance i5 for my purposes, it still performs well. At present (in November 2018) I have swayed more towards the higher spec i5s in the i5-8600k.

  • Cooler was a pain to install.

  • Motherboard looks good and is good. Z170 because it sounds cool and I could overclock if I upgrade the CPU.

  • For memory I got a single 8GB kit because i could more easily upgrade to 16GB in the future with more room to spare.

  • SSD was one of the best deals at the time, now there are better deals.

  • I added the hard drive at a later date so I could earn more money for it.

  • 1060 6GB is a pretty good card, super clocked as well.

  • I spent a bit more than necessary on the case because i liked it, it will most probably be re used in the future. It is very nice, there is not much room for the back side panel but i eventually fitted it correctly. Even with a modular PSU a lot of cables are just mashed in whichever nook or cranny will fit them

  • The actual power supply i used was an EVGA 850 GQ which i got for a really good deal for about the same price as the 650 Watt one, both are good. Although am i really an authority on this?

  • Will probably just get cheap windows 10 OEM next time.

  • I don't think you can buy mountain dew in cans in the UK

  • I use a steel series keyboard and mouse, very cool. Also cheap Sennheiser headphones, I need to get better ones for 3D audio but wearing glasses some models are uncomfortable,


It performs pretty damn well in games, I can't run the latest Frostbite 4 games on ultra when in multiplayer but I can't complain. Even two years later there isn't anything it can't handle . Should be fine for a few more years yet.

Who actually cares about temperatures. As a matter of fact, who even wants to clean their PC? I will likely clean this out some time in the next month or two but the case does an excellent job of keeping the inside clean. I also meant to add RGB lights and more RAM at some point but I guess I didn't. More RAM would be quite beneficial now though so i will look into it soon, there is some stutter on AAA games.

As for a name it was going to be "FROSTBITE" on account of the white and black theme, but I thought that sounded childish.

Overall I am very happy with this build and I can assure you I was very happy on Christmas morning. I owed it to PC Part Picker to make this completed build. More builds will come shortly.

EDIT 1: Hopefully the "save" button does not publish this, it is not finished yet, o well here goes...

EDIT 2: Ever accidentally click "choose a different parts list" and it deletes your whole post, at least the back button worked.

EDIT 3: I apologise for some of the photos being literal trash but i am not a photographer, hopefully i will get better ones when i build this Christmas.

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Pretty good when i got it in late 2016, in late 2018 now there are better deals for budget SSDs.


Haven't even seen them in the UK, one star.


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1 Star for Mountain Dew??? Damn.