This build is for me celebrating my own graduation from high school to university with mostly my own parttime money and some of my parents' money such as CPU and RAM.

I have been looking into upgrading from my i5 6600k for a long time and i7 8086k 6C12T seems to be a good choice for my workload. I do like to play games but I do some amateur photography and video editing with my friends as well.

Building this PC takes around 8 hours to build since we have a lot of problems with ModMesh and cable combs. However, overall build looks really good with not over used to RGB.

Part Reviews


40 anniversary CPU with easy OC to 5ghz, still looking forward to delid it though. Chew through most of the benchmark really easily and I hope this will be the result when I am doing my own content creation.

CPU Cooler

Looks nice and CAM is a good software to tune the lighting, however, the cooling itself can be much better and CAM doesn't support Asus aura sync so that is a slight disappointment.


Great motherboard for the price with good performance and white/black look to it. Handle OC pretty well with decent amount of feature, just with there are more USB headers to plug into though, but it doesn't really effect my daily use for now.


G. Skill Trident Z RGB amazes me when it comes to that fantastic lighting, 3000MHz is a fast enough speed for me and my use anyways. Asus Aura Sync works perfectly and I am looking forward to buy another set for 4x8GB.


Boot time takes around 2~4 seconds on Windows 10 Pro, and it looks nice in the build itself.


The case looks stunning and overall experience is great. However, even though cable management is such a strong point for this case, the hideout of the motherboard cables are too small for ModMesh to really fit with cable combs on it, therefore I wouldn't recommend ModMesh or this case in the same build if anyone is not a experienced builder.

Case Fan

This fan is my alternative for the more expensive Riing from Thermaltake, and this performs really well in my H700i and Asus Aura Sync. Everything is adjustable and I have no complains over it.

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  • 19 months ago
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Question .. Hi, there Did you have any issues loading Asus Bios on the first boot. Thanks

  • 19 months ago
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No, I have no problem even till today

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  • 20 months ago
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If you look on the info on the Cinebench pictures, it’s an ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970

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[comment deleted by staff]
  • 20 months ago
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GTX 970 that I have it in my last build, planned to switch out with GTX 1180 once it comes out