Built to showcase all the colors of a glorious sunset. Inspiration originally came from the Enzo Theme preloaded on the Wraith Prism software tool, and grew to encompass the motherboard, graphics card, and case fans as well. The RL06 rounds out the build nicely, boasting superior airflow and a bright, clear cloudy look from white LED intake fans.

Temperature ranges may seem high, especially at idle. The house uses forced air heating and my room typically has a high ambient temperature. My fans are tuned at fairly low RPM at idle and utilize Zero-RPM mode on my GPU, but easily keep in check under load.

GPU overclock settings: +115 MHz Core Clock, +515 MHz Memory Clock, 120% Power Limit CPU: No overclock, boosts up to 4.125 GHz RAM: XMP 3200 MHz 14-14-14-34 @ 1.35v

Performs admirably in 1080p & 1440p gaming @ 60 fps, AutoCAD & Inventor, plus any other engineering coursework thrown my way.

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