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"Up is Down" V2

by T1murik


So. This is the SECOND GENERATION of my project. In june 2018 I showed you my first project named ,,Up is Down". And i said: its not 100% perfect and completed in my opinion build. I love playing and as you all know games can stress your pc pretty good sometimes in some titles. June means most hot season with epic sun and epic temperatures: welcome please. Pc said : OMG my friend. -I analyzed the situation and made some searching and googling for thiss stuff. After that- purchased some upgrades. And on that stage - THE PROJECT 2 has been officially started! In July all the parts were shipped to me, the first things first- cleaning old stuff inside pc! Well: summer brought to me decent job with that. But -cleaned well ;)

Second: reinforcements with fans and cables: old fans out,cables and extensions also.

Third: Cooler-out and thrown away-its garbage.

Fourth: Thermal compound: reapplied.

Fifth: new AIO -installed.

Sixth: Little bit ,,PUSH-PULL" - nobody arrests for that, so lets do it!

Seventh: checking stability ,stress testing in AIDA64, and setting up cooler and RGB stuff and fans!

Eighth: Cable management!

Ninth: Design modeling. Plastic shroud cuting, covers, tubes , aesthetic work and etc.

Tenth: photo shooting. Instagram! Twitter!

11th: Its SHOWTIME!!! Telling you that amazing story and posting here all that stuff with you guys , comments ,likes , shares as always will be appreciated!

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JimmyJimmy 1 point 3 days ago

You should have bought a case with a window, but other than that, great build.

T1murik submitter 2 Builds 1 point 2 days ago

Maybe. But to be honest: I hate glasses! I hate Rgb! And the build is already being modified! Stay tuned

JimmyJimmy 1 point 1 day ago

I suppose your right, It just seems kind of wasteful to hide all those beautiful RGB components inside the case.