Until this point I was Upgrading a prebuilt. I Mainly pay games and stream, I have started to mess around in Blender as well.

This is a great looking case and has a fair amount of room inside. I never found any situation where I felt "having smaller hands" would be better. The cable management is great, however, I would use flat cables if I were to do it again. Flat cables would make running wires eraser and allow for better utilizing the cases cable management channels. When I go in to upgrade something new ex. an AIO to liquid cool my GPU, I would redo the cables with flat cables to clean the rear up a bit.

On start up the system posted with no problems also I got to see Gigabyte new BIOS overlay (EZMode) it was not bad at all, you can still go in and see the classic view as well. The only weird thing I noticed was my MB didn't recognize my LAN line connection, it wanted me on wifi. if you play around with the setting it was an easy fix.

I am not Happy with my cable management in the rear of my system but it will do for now, like I said when I go in to upgrade I will also do some flat cables and clean it up further.

Part Reviews


it is an INTEL need anyone say

really good CPU and handles everything you can through at it, they are a bit expensive considering AMD has been stepping up their game.

CPU Cooler

This is a Great looking cooler, the mirror finish on the pump is very nice and the RGB effects are great!


Great Board!!!!

I have was using a Gigabyte board on my computer for 8 years, and now I am using this one. The BIOS was easy to navigate and there is even an EZMode to help make setting up the CPU and RAM speeds.


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Looks Great, Back of the case wire organization looks very nice

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Hey, nice build! Currently working on a similar one. Do you think 4 sticks of ram would fit fine or would it be in the way of the liquid cooler?

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I Think that you should be okay, I have about an inch of room between the first ram slot and the tubes from my AIO cooler. What cooler are you using?