I haven't gamed since college 15 years ago with my first custom desktop, which I kept running for a while with updates as necessary. Then I bought a top of a line laptop for general use/productivity, which served me well but with Vista isn't going any further. I decided to go back to a desktop to have some fun building one from scratch, get more bang for my buck, and to get much more screen real estate - it was also a good opportunity to introduce my 4 year old to computer parts/assembly. Anyway, I know this is way overbuilt, but my goal is to have a system that works well for the foreseeable future and allows upgrades as desired. Who knows, now that I have it, I might have to try out a newer game...

Everything went together smoothly, even with a toddler helping. There is a ton of extra room in the case, especially since I didn't need the lower drive enclosure. I wish the mother board had more than 1 PWM fan connection, but the system is reasonably quite as is. The SeaSonic wires don't offer much flexibility near the connectors, which affected how I organized those cables. I will probably get a DVD drive for the occasional home move burn, but may go external based on how the internal one would break up the appearance of the case. Finally, going from a very old HDD system to this with the OS on the M2 SSD is amazing.

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  • 32 months ago
  • 2 points

Nice hardware choice, but if you really want to look for longevity, I would recommend a Ryzen 7 1700 instead because programs are starting to use more and more cores. Otherwise, that's a good build!

  • 25 months ago
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R5 1600 is a good CPU choice but at least an RX 570 should've been paired with it as the 560 just cant keep up with games over esports titles like CS:GO, Siege, Rocket League, Overwatch and maybe PUBG on low, but most other games it just ant handle. a 570 is much more capable and would've fit better, an RX 580 or 1060 6GB wouldve been the perfect match however, especially if you wanted your build to last. Also, with RAM prices increasing the gap between 2133,2400,2666, and 3000Mhz memory is reducing, while prices climb, i know replacing RAM isnt ideal right now due to the price hike, but if you sell your 16GB for say $20 cheaper than you'd find on any website online, then buy 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz RAM, you'll notice SIGNIFICANT improvement in quality of life things in game like smoother framerates due to no memory bottleneck (as Ryzen CPU's need fast memory to perform well), and you'll see significant improvement in other applications like adobe photoshop and premiere. Overall good choice on the rest of the components.