I recently added more photos once I added a Phanteks Halos w/ digital RGB LED strips. Most likely going to add Phanteks Halos DRGB to both 120mm radiator fans.

Hi all,

This is my first build and I finally worked up the nerve to put some money into a desktop. I'm mainly going to use this for gaming and Excel spreadsheets for work, which involves millions of cells full of data.

Anyways, I had a couple of "Ohhhh ****" moments and overall am satisfied with this build. I didn't realize that the Corsair H100i v2 already came with thermal paste and applied too much thermal paste the 1st time around. I tried to keep the cables to a minimum that were within view of the tempered glass.

The case was easy to work in and has ample room for all cables in the build. I eventually want to replace all of the case fans with 4 pin fans instead of using the PWM hub in the back of the case.

I'm tempted to overclock and see what my numbers are on Prime95. As of the moment, I got up to 72C when running Small FFT's and 62-64 when running the blend. If anyone wants to help guide a noob to OC his PC, let me know.

OC Update: I overclocked my CPU to run at 4.81 GHz. I also OC'ed my GPU to 2.1 GHz. I'm scared to go past 1.21V on my CPU, though.

Any advice is appreciated.



Part Reviews


I haven't OC'ed yet, but I will in the future hopefully once I read more on the subject. Prime95 Small FFT's has gotten the package temperature to 73C and no core has passed 73C. Blend ends up at 62C or 63C. Overall, does what it's designed to do. I'm giving it four stars because I haven't unleashed the true "K" potential, yet.

CPU Cooler

Entry level water cooling. The Corsair LED light is a nice add on. Keeps the processor cool. As an engineer by trade, I think that water cooled equipment is 100 times cooler than air cooled. This is mainly because of the pump and the radiator set. 4 stars because the light is definitely not as cool as the NZXT water cooler.

Thermal Compound

So far, this thermal paste has performed well. Recommended.


The LED's on this MB where underwhelming. Although, it has all the features that I wanted in a MB, which included Bluetooth and the M.2 heatsink. Spacious enough and I'll eventually have enough room for another GPU. I/O shield seems flimsy. RAM was difficult to install because of how much force was needed. The BIOS seems sub par. It could also be due to my lack of experience.


G.Skill Trident Z RGB is by far the coolest looking RAM on the market. Although, RAM is RAM.


No problems with this so far, besides the fact that I probably didn't get the 500 GB model. Super fast and easy to install.

Video Card

I can barely even tell it's running at full blast when running intensive benchmarking tests on it. It looks cool as heck and is definitely a beefier model of the GTX 1070 Ti. I haven't tested it much, but all the games that I have played on it so far can run 1080P 144 Hz on Epic/Ultra settings.


This case has all the case fans in it and has some awesome LED's to boot. The power supply shroud helps keep the desktop looking sharp and clean. Plenty of room for even airflow across all the components and super EASY to work in. I highly recommend this case for any new builder. One of my least favorite parts of the case is that the fans are all 3 pin, which don't allow great control.

Power Supply

Nothing to complain so far on this PSU. It looks similar to most PSU's and has nice braided sleeves for the cables. Seems to do it's job well.

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mmmm, yummy

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How do you like your SteelSeries p800’s? I bought a pair to replace my Astro a50’s and haven’t regretted it for a second. The two battery system is a lifesaver!

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My first headset was a mid tier Turtle Beach headset that I purchased from Best Buy about 10 years ago. I then purchased Astro A40's and wasn't a huge fan of it being wired to my Xbox. Then it was the Astro A50 Gen 1's and after that was the Astro A50 Gen 2's. All of the Astro's were returned back to Best Buy (Thank the lord for the Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan) due to battery problems or frequency problems. I then just took the Best Buy credit and bought an Apple TV 4K and these SteelSeries P800's. At first, I was skeptical about the P800's when they were connected through the Xbox. Now, I'm very pleased with my purchase because they are fully wireless(don't have to connect to an Xbox Controller now) and the sound quality is alright. They are pretty comfy and light but still don't match up to how comfy the A50's were on my head for 10 hour sessions. The two battery system is absolutely a favorite here.


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