This was my first PC build and I am super happy with it. Came from gaming on my Asus Rog laptop. All in all it wasn't too bad building for the first time. All prices listed are CAD and include 13% tax and any shipping costs. Building a PC in Canada is not cheap.

I easily overclocked my Ryzen 5 1600 to 3.7 GHz without having to change the voltage and RAM to 2933 MHz without having to change voltage or timings. I tried enabling the XMP profile, which was 3200 MHz on stock timings, and it put the PC into a boot loop and then reverted to 2133 MHz.

So far it's easily run everything I've played since building at 1080p 60+ fps on max settings. It is incredible the performance difference from my laptop.

Part Reviews


Easily overclocked to 3.7 GHz without having to change the voltage. Will probably just leave it at that as it's already easily running everything I've thrown at it. The Wraith Cooler keeps the temps low. Also 6c/12t is awesome.


Love the aesthetics. BIOS is very easy to use.


Matches my build aesthetic. Currently overclocked to 2933 MHz without having to change voltage or timings. Tried 3200 MHz with stock timings but it put the PC into a boot loop so just keeping at 2933 MHz for now.


Fast, quality SSD. Not much else to say about it.

Video Card

Amazing card. Cuts through everything at 1080p on max settings easily. Cooler is overkill for a 1060 so the temps are great and the card is silent. The lighting on it looks amazing.


Love this case. Looks amazing and it made the cable management easy as a first time builder.

Power Supply

Reliable, fully modular power supply. Quality is great and made cable managment simple.

Case Fan

Same as the case stock fans. Got it for an extra intake at the front. They run silent and have good airflow.


Great 1080p IPS monitor for the price. Only uses VGA and HDMI and doesn't come with an HDMI cable.


Looks awesome and the keys are great.


Best mouse I've ever used. Fits perfectly in my hand, dpi switching is great, changeable weights, and rgb.

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get some LED strips to light up that beauty!!