My sons keep calling me a "Boomer," But I'm 100% pure GenX. I saw Ferris Bueller's Day Off on its opening weekend, in the theater, the Summer before my Senior Year in High School. Seems fitting that should be the name of this, my first build.

I've been an Apple fanboi since 2005. I tend to buy a system and keep it for a while. This year my aging 2011 Mac Mini was up for replacement. I looked at how much a new Mini cost (vs. the PC gaming system we got my middle child for Christmas) and I just couldn't spend the money for an anemic Apple system.

Another member of the PCMR introduced me to this site, and less than a month later I have this new build on my desk, purring along nicely.

I went with a Ryzen 5 1600 AF as I wanted to play with overclocking. I figured that if I slagged it I'd only be out $85 USD. Currently it's OC'd to 4.1 at a voltage of 1.25 and is rock stable. I ran Prime95 and the Heaven Benchmark simultaneously. CPU Temps got to a max of 68C and the 1070 TI got to 71C. CineBench came in at 3076 (all cores) and 420 (single core). It runs Doom (2016) on Ultra settings, fullscreen (2560x1080), at 120 fps (and that's only because I have the monitor set to 120hz).

The new Phanteks P300A Mesh is a fantastic case. My only nitpicks are the lack of grommets around cable runs and there's no filter for the front.

Problems I encountered:

1) Mission Creep - original budget was $850 USD, then the SAC put her blessing on a new monitor... then I needed a monitor stand... then I needed an hdd for game storage... and hey, a little argb panache can't hurt, right?

2) I didn't check ahead of time as to whether the Scythe Ninja cooler would fit in the case... it did with about 6mm to spare. I got lucky.

3) I originally had a Thermaltake PRORGB650 Smart Series PSU. DOA. Had to pick up a non-modular PSU from Best Buy. The EVGA Unit is superior in all aspects, imo.

4) I'm impressed with the Sceptre C-305B Ultrawide. But the included stand is crap. Prepare to spend another $30 on a stand.

Many thanks to this site and r/buildapc for the sheer wealth of information and helpful persons who brought this build to life!

Peace, Raymond

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  • 3 months ago
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Ok Boomer. Nice build tho.

  • 3 months ago
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thats a dang good PC build you got there