How I started this build was I went on Ebay and looked for the cheapest Dell Optiplex I could find and ended up with an Optiplex 790 with no hard drive for 35 dollars. As for the GTX 1050, I watched one video from RandomgaminginHD and was sold on the low profile version so it would fit in the case. Overall this build cost me around 300 dollars because I already owned the mouse and headset. Sorry for the bad pics and also for no pics of teh inside of the pc, as I know many of the people on PCPP get angry about that myself included, but the will be coming in a few days or so. Please give me some feedback, I'm open to all forms of criticism. As for benchmarks I only tested the games I play the most so far.

Unturned: Ultra settings: 75FPS AVG

DayZ: Ultra setting: 50FPS AVG

ARMA 3: Normal settings: 55FPS AVG

Minecraft (for fun): 60FPS AVG (with shaders) 240FPS AVG (without shaders)

Rust: Ultra settings: 77FPS AVG

(More benchmarks coming soon)

Part Reviews


Perfect for my needs 10/10


Zippy in my eyes compared to the god awful drive in my old laptop


Couldn't get enough of this keyboard its just magnificent.


Love 'em great sound but the mic could be a bit better but fine by me

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  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Pictures of internals?

+1 for optiplex

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

Read description around the middle. thanks for the +1 optiplex all the way lol

  • 34 months ago
  • 2 points

Yeah I see that now, sry. Anyway I have an i5-2400 optiplex 990 with an R9 290. They're great computers to upgrade.

  • 30 months ago
  • 1 point

Promised a few days ... waited 3 months! Still no pics :( j/k Nice little build!

  • 34 months ago
  • 1 point

How do you get 60FPS? I can't get 60 at 900p with Chocapic13 Low in crovded servers! (Mineplex lobbies, ugh!) -And I'm using a 570!