This was my primary system from 2011 to 2017.

The photos do not match the part list exactly. Photos are as-is right now. The part list is what it was, and will be, after I take out the video card and SSDs for the new Kaby Lake build I'm about to put together.

Part Reviews


This chip is fantastic. Ran from 2011-2017 on a mild OC, and still going strong. I expect it will continue on for some time when I pass this system on.


The software that came with it was a little frustrating, but overall it got the job done at a reasonable cost.


First picked this up in 2008, this is the second system it was used for. It was pretty cool at the time however I would not buy it now as cases have come a long way in the last 9 years. There were no fancy removable dust screens, so I cut some blue filter material from a home HVAC system and stuffed in between the chassis and intake fans.

There was some removable drive cage on the bottom I immediately removed because it was annoying and in the way. The door with the blue LED lights was cool the first month or so. After that it was often just left open. The little "feet" that kept it off the ground came off and were lost years ago.

Again, not bad for its time, but I'm looking forward to moving on to something new.

Power Supply

Was very highly rated on Jonnyguru when I bought it, never any issues.

Sound Card

It got the job done and was better than the onboard audio, but the software is horrible and I hate it. On windows 10 one of the applications associated with it comes up with errors every time windows reboots. The only fix I could find from searching the net was to disable the offending app in msconfig.

Also the inputs on the back of the card are all gold so when youre reaching down and trying to plug your speakers back in with a flashlight through bunch of cables, its effectively trial and error.

Going forward I will spend money on a motherboard with a decent onboard audio before dealing with this anymore.

Case Fan

Bought 2 of them in 2008. One is still going strong, the other died about 6 months ago. Not bad for the price.


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Very cool! A local seller is dumping one of these with original hardware... I don't need a new computer at all, but I was thinking about picking it up just to try and do a modern build in it. So many unique, but outdated features!

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