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Pros : if you got this back when it launched you must still be happy because to this day this will run anything

cons : it was overpriced when it launched and it's still the same price today at least in Canada. but intel has always been overpriced, so if your building a new pc i would go with AMD they have way more CPU options for much more fair prices

CPU Cooler

Pros : your CPU won't go over 70c : corsair has some of the best warranty I've experienced

Cons : it feels overpriced : if you over screw a screw this thing is useless.. as you won't ever be able to mount it again which makes the overall quality not feel premium but i got the first version they're are new ones which i can't really speak for, just remember don't over screw.


Pros : has some pretty amazing features : never runs hot : is build really well

cons : the bios feels and is really cheap : this motherboard overall doesn't feel stable and feels glitchy hard to explain but unlike my old Asus one this feels like it never runs smooth


2400 doesn't feel like enough anymore for current games. but aside from that older games and just general computer use for this is nothing


Pros : you can usually find this for a decent price : the speed this delivers is more than enough : takes virtually no space on a build

cons : the only thing i don't really like about this is that my old hard drive and SSD run at 27c never going over 40c under load, this runs at 50c on idle and 60c under load but aside from that this thing is a beast

Video Card

pros : decent RGB : premium build quality : is not loud : on high and ultra settings 60 PFS it will run anything

Cons : AMD drivers are horrible and have so many glitches and annoyance : when freesync is on, games forget how to run smooth : runs a bit hot 50c at idle 72c under load : if you manually adjust the fan curve to max it will not sound fun

I know a lot of people are recommending this because is the most bang for the buck you can get but honestly, in the future, I will not mind paying a bit extra for and Nvidia GPU so I can have stable drivers after you turn of freesync a lot of things get fixed but why should I have to turn off something I specifically paid for PowerColor made a really well-made GPU with this. but AMD needs to step up and fix their drivers which is my reason for only 3 stars...


Pros: : to me is the best-looking case on the market : cooling is pretty decent : cable management even with minimum effort looks pretty clean : fans aren't loud endless of course you're going over 50% usage : decent RGB : feels and looks very premium : also like that it has some weight to it

Cons : not really a case to be taking apart all the time : instructions suck : if it wasn't for google i would have not found out that you can buy a controller and have more control over the fans and RGB (is called the commander pro) : is pretty much a dust magnet

Power Supply

No complaints, great really well made PSU


Pros :you can find this monitor for a good price :games run pretty decent :colors looks nice without without full HDR

Cons :Freesync Doesn't work anytime is enabled games become unstable and laggy :watching any type of videos on this is very annoying because there is an insane amount of pixel trailing :some settings lock after enabling others makes you think why they're there

conclusion, for web surfing and games this monitor is not bad . but for videos regardless of w.e settings you use there will be pixel trailing and is super annoying. 1 start because you would think a video would be smoother than a game and not the other way around..

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  • 2 months ago
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You only provided one pic for your setup so i can't say much, but about your monitor is it a common problem or just your unit