I've been using this creation for gaming and it works great! Games I've played so far: -World of Warcraft -Elder Scrolls Online -Heroes of the Storm -DC Universe -Hearthstone -many more I also use this pc for smaller stuff such as Microsoft products, internet browsing, video streaming, and even photoediting. I have had no problem with lag at all.

I recently received the Windows 10 upgrade, and it is awesome as well.

My PC doesn't get hot at all!

The ONLY issue I have now is that the program XFast LAN v9.05 that comes with the ASRock motherboard does not work with the new Windows 10 upgrade and keeps requesting me to install the update. However, the "update" is actually a new program and downloading it would end XFast LAN license and make me purchase a new license.

Part Reviews


I have had no issues whatsoever

CPU Cooler

This fan looks amazing in my PC, and is very good at keeping my CPU cool.


Great mobo! I love the dehumidify feature, and all the features on it.


Having no problems with this product so far


Great product... it's really quiet

Video Card

This graphics card is amazing! I have a hdmi cable connected between it and my TV. Games and videos come out crystal clear. I had my PS3 connected to my TV, and it wasn't as clear as this.


The blue plastic looks a little cheesey in the front, the side panel is a little small and too tinted, and the wire for the front fan is a little short, but all in all it is a good product.

Power Supply

I have had no problems with this product so far

Optical Drive

Not as quiet as I expected, but it gets the job done, and I rarely use it

Operating System

Windows 7 is the best operating system in my eyes, but Windows 10 is surpassing it.

Case Fan

This fan makes my pc shine nicely, and helps keep it from overheating very well.

Case Fan

This fan makes my pc shine nicely, and helps keep it from overheating very well.


The plastic is pretty cheap, but it's good for the price

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  • 51 months ago
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Bit old but if you read this check out this guide to PSUs as Bryce is correct:

  • 50 months ago
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Thanks, when I started the build, I was more focused on the affordability than the quality, but looking towards the higher quality or the cheapest ones. I do plan on upgrading a lot in the future, but when I start making a little more money. _^

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  • 50 months ago
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Thank you, so far I haven't had any problems with it, but I'm looking to upgrade the CPU and add another graphics card for Crossfire

  • 48 months ago
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Most games don't support sli/crossfire, id look at a gtx 960. Your cpu is good.clean build though i have the horis mx