CPU- Its great, yes I know my motherboard can't overclock but the CPU can. I will never make that mistake again.

CPU Cooler- Best cooler for your money, and it has red LED so double win.

Motherboard- Looks great and runs perfectly fine, with some red LED, too bad I forgot the difference between a overclockable motherboard and a locked motherboard.

Ram- Looks amazing, isn't the fastest but allows for a cheaper upgrade in the future. 16 GB is all I need as of now, but I could upgrade in the future.

Storage- Fast, its from Corsair, and has a lot of storage space.

Video Card- More than enough for my gaming and live streaming needs. Maybe during cyber Monday ill get a 1070, idk we shall see.

Case- Before I get started about the case, the CPU cooler I picked (IS) compatible with this case so go ahead use these parts together, idk what pcpartpicker is saying. This case is great, but is just the 100R with a difference front panel on it basically, which doesn't mean its bad its just they are charging more than they should. Nice window, and the cable management is present but not a thoughtout as the 200R from Corsair.

PSU- Good, semi-modular so that's nice, bought mine used/quickly returned from Canada Computers for 10% off, no problems so far.

Operating System- Its windows and when I bought the license I didn't know the difference between home and pro I just wanted to be able to run my PC.

Wireless Network Adapter- Cheap and it works.

Case Fan- The case only came with 1 red LED fan so I bought a cheap fan, its good.

Keyboard- Its red with red switches, and Corsair makes the best keyboards hands down.

Mouse- This mouse was a gift, if it were up to me I would have gotten the Corsair Scimitar.

Mouse pad- Found it on Amazon it is neato.

Edit The parts on this list may change over the coming months. The 1050 ti may be changed to a 1070, and the motherboard will be the same but the z270 version, also more ram may be added.

Part Reviews


This CPU is the only reason I haven't joined the AMD train yet, but in a few years if Intel stops making Processors like this then I think I may have to switch.

CPU Cooler

Cooler master is good, their prices are fair, but the only thing wrong with this "LED" CPU cooler is that the LED is just four small bulbs on the sides of the fan, hardly bright or even full. This Cooler does come with a second mounting bracket for a second fan so thats good, maybe ill attach another fan onto this and see what kind of temps I get.

Thermal Compound

Arctic Silver- Best Thermal Compound on the market.


Used this instead of the B250 Pro Carbon Mobo from MSI, because I wanted to overclock. MSI Command Center and the bios for this motherboard have a game boost mode which is pretty good its just a click of a button and you get a lot more out of your CPU.


Its ram, it looks good, its fast, and its only 2 sticks so for most boards it will allow you to expand in the future.


I have no reference for other SSDs, I don't know if this is faster or slower then Kingston or Samsung or Crucial. It is fast though. It doesn't really matter the brand you pick, it matters the size, always think twice about your build, don't be afraid to pay a little bit more so you are truly happy with your build in the future.


Hasn't died, if you know you are going to use the space, get this instead of the 1 TB version.

Video Card

Most games 3 GB is better than 4 GB especially when the clock speed is so much higher for the 1060 3 GB, if you truly can only spend $ 220 CAD on a GPU okay get this, but just spending a bit more you can get so much more power.


There is a lot about this case I like and a lot I don't like. So I guess i'll make a pros cons list. Pros: Its cheap, although after shipping on Amazon it was closer to $ 90.00 CAD. Its red and comes with a red fan, PSU dust filter, and front sort of dust filter, side window looks good but reflects the image on my screen so I had to put it to my left, and now I can't see the inside ^, the hard drive mounting system is really good somehow better then the 200 R HDD system.

Cons: Even as I was listing Pros I started to get to Cons, anyways, where to begin, only one USB 3.0 in the front, the Power LED is way too bright and doesn't match my layout; had to unplug it, only comes with one fan, no dust filters on the top allowing dust from the air to fall into the case. Cable management in this thing is a total let down, oh man, it makes it look like you can put the 8 pin power connector for the mobo from the top then doesn't fit, the back of the case looks like their is room but there isn't any. A PSU shroud would be asking for too much, but would it, this case reminds me of Battlefront 2015, It looked promising, only because of lack of pictures,
other than that it looked amazing, then when you own it you start to wonder if the $90 dollar price tag was worth it, lets talk about other under $100 dollar cases like the 200R which I have worked in, for 12 dollars more, you get front, not side panel io's, 2 fans, a crazy amount of 2.5 and 3.5 bays, some of the best cable management for a under 100 dollar case and a wider range of AIO cooler mounts, also dust filters for everything. In conclusion, this case does look nice, but its just that, all looks, no features.

Power Supply

Wish I got something with more wattage, whenever I overclock strange things happen with power.

Wireless Network Adapter

I did not get this, I got something similar. Its good though

Case Fan

Its definitely red, i'm using it as a exhaust fan, I did not get this for $6.76 though. This fan comes with a 4 pin connector, I may replace it with something more updated.


Nothing wrong with this keyboard at all, if you really want a real review, go watch a video about it, its hard to explain the amazingness of this keyboard without pictures.


It has a nice feel to it but the macros are so awkwardly placed, move your finger 1 mm and you just changed your DPI.


Its big, the images are clear, only downside I can think of is it smelt weird for like a day after arrival, other than that great mouse pad.


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How did the 160mm cpu cooler fit in a case that only supports 150mm?!

  • 30 months ago
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More pictures plz :/ . And you have the same keyboard/mouse than me :) i'ts a pretty good choice

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wtf were u thinking?.... the gtx 1050 ti is gunna bottnecc the cpu..

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That may be true but I purchased the gpu before the CPU, I was also thinking of getting a 1070 in November.

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Stock fans are fine especially for AMD, the only reason to get a third party CPU cooler would be because of noise and if you wanted to overclock.