TITLE: SilentDragon because I want to build as silent as it's possible. All my fans barley spinning .

SUMMARY That's my first build presented here, my first one wasn't good enough to show. Old Q6600 OC' a bit with GTX560 was handling games at decent quality settings. Now I have got something let's say powerful and finally I'm able to play games at Ultra settings.

CPU: I did choice i5 2500K because during years it's still pretty good CPU. I did overclock it to 4.5 GHz with low voltage and I'm able to cool it with my ZALMAN CNPS10X Performa at low fan rpm to mid 70*C under 100% load. I still have room to OC' more but that's enough for me.

MB: AsRock Z77 it's perfect for me, it's giving me ability to expand with another GPU in future. Good overclocking capabilities and relatively cheap product.

RAM: That's something what's going to be replaced - 8GB of memory it's not enough to be honest. I'm thinking to swap it for 16GB Kingston HyperX or G.Skill RipJaws

GPU: New Maxwell architecture just due out so i thought well lest's go for it and I'm don't regret, works fine at 1080p but this summer I want to buy another one. MSI GTX970 It's a beast for the price.

CASE: I've been watching a lot of different reviews about Chassis and when NZXT S340 released I could not find any bad reason to not buy it. Nice looking, side windowed clean inside with "basement" for power supply, slick clean look inside case with good cable management.

Storage: I had only 500GB from my previous build, but then my buddy bought SSD exactly SAMSUNG 840 EVO and I was impressed how it improves all tasks and programs runs on it.. I decided to bought one for myself. Second storage update was 2TB from SEAGATE Barracuda cause I was running out of storage for my games

PSU For PSU i choice Corsair HX650 Professional series, I know it's not powerful but 650W with 80+ Gold certificate should be enough even when i will decide for SLI. Right now with this setup he's just chill'n basement of the case.

Accessory: I thought this LED controller was too good to be true. For such a cheap price, this controller comes with more than enough LED’s, easy to install, and illuminates you whole build. Well done NZXT.

Monitor: I choice LG, I did always like those panels and with IPS in it colour saturation is magnificent .

Peripherals: I was and I will always by buying products from Logitech, I'm rocking MX518 for 8 or more years and it's still in pretty good condition, so that's why i decided to bought G710+ Mechanical keyboard with MxBrown switches works fantastic and white backlite fits to my overall theme. I also have G27 Racing Wheel cause I love racing/rally games and with H-pattern shifter it kicks in to next level

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  • 58 months ago
  • 1 point

Wow you're build looks truly awesome. Glad to see another person still rocking a 2500k and an MX518 like me!

  • 58 months ago
  • 1 point

Thanks ;) nice to hear, let's be honest MX518 it's still perfect gaming mouse ;)

  • 58 months ago
  • 1 point

Great work!

  • 57 months ago
  • 1 point

How quiet are those fans? Like really quiet or kinds quiet?

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