This was my very first PC build ever, and i think it turned out pretty decent. It has a promising upgrade path with its AM4 motherboard and yields decent results in games. I've been able to play Rainbow six siege on high to very high settings at 60-80 fps and Doom with high settings at 60-70 fps. The machine is only bottlenecked by the cpu and has a hard time multitasking, it is able to run discord in the background without affecting fps too much but don't expect much more than that. The set prices for certain parts were what I paid and what I recommend anyone wanting to buy these parts pay as well. Again this build can be upgraded to any Ryzen chip or any AM4 chip released by AMD in the future. I'm planning to upgrade to one of the Ryzen 5 chips in the next year or so ( I am a broke 16 yo ).

Part Reviews


Decent cpu, i wouldn't spend more than $50 on it though. Could not overclock with my asrock ab350m, I read somewhere that asus boards can overclock this chip. An ok pair with a gtx 1050 ti with very promising upgrade path to Ryzen chipsets.


More than Decent motherboard for the money, looks great and hasn't died on me yet, ( will update if it dies )


Good functioning set of ram


Decent ssd for the money. I don't know how the speeds compare to expensive brands but feels way faster than my mechanical drives. boots windows in 5-7 seconds


Purchased used, good functioning drive

Video Card

Very good looking and OC's well. was purchased used


Decent Case for $20, wouldn't pay anymore than that. Comes with 2 case fans


decent 1080p monitor. Perfect for gaming.

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  • 20 months ago
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Good budget build done right with easy upgradeable paths. +1

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  • 20 months ago
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It's been a month and so far the sound isn't noticeable at all. I'll probably be sticking with the stock cooler until i upgrade to a Ryzen chip, Thanks :)

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  • 20 months ago
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