I have upgraded prebuilts in the past but never fully built a rig. Yes I know the weakest part is the video card, just waiting for certain mail in rebates and some cashback for the credit card I had signed up for. I will probably go with a 1660 or a 590. We will see what they have on black Friday as well. But it was fun, the only thing that made me nervous was if it was going to post. But everything ran great, and cable management was a nightmare cause the Focus G had very little space and no tie down areas but it doesn't go over 66 degrees on full load so that's good.

Part Reviews


Wanted to go with a midgrade CPU, and something that came out recently. I might OC later, but for now I wanted to run it stock. Fast as hell and the Cooler is quiet and really good.


Awesome Motherboard. I just wanted something compatiable with the ryzen 3600 with not worrying about flashing the BIOs ( I was really nervous with dealing with that sort of stuff) so i just went with the X570 so I wouldn't have to worry about it. I had to update with bios (there was already 4 updates on their website when I had put mine together , and it was mainly for the memory) I had to adjust the Bios to recognize my 3200 ram because at first it only saw it as 2666. But updating the Bios, and adjusting the RAM was simple especially for the first time builder. Didn't really go heavy with the RGB, the only RGB on my whole build is on the board and the fans are just white.


I had issues with RAM, apparently there is some Ryzen optimized ram, so I had to return the other ram I had gotten and then got these that actually say something on the box about it being Ryzen compatible/optimized. FYI If you do Ryzen build get the one with a Z not a B in the part number.


I was going to with the SSD 2.5 but my friend told me to invest in a m.2 and I am so glad. Lighting fast, it takes like second to boot up from completely shut off and turns off fast as well. Totally worth it, although I wish I went with 1tb.

Video Card

This is the weakest part of my build, I just had it but I will upgrade it before the end of the year. Still good enough to run games but I wanted something a lot better, but as of right now it gets the job done.


It's a bit tiny for cable management thankfully I had a fully modular PSU, but still it was a pain. Looks great, but the front IO LEDs are bight a hell.

Power Supply

Easy to install, went a bit overboard with the power, just not sure what GPU I wanted to get just wanted to make sure I had enough power with some wiggle room. So happy i got a full modular one.

Optical Drive

I reused it from my old computer that I had laying around, I like to make burn cd's for my grandmother, so that's why I put this in my build.


Probably the best keyboard I have owned. I've had other duckys in the past but I love these blue switches.

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  • 7 months ago
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cool first build

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Thank you

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The 14th pic Lmao and thus nice build

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that's my favorite meme

  • 7 months ago
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Goat! Just for the meme on the 2 monitors!