This is mainly for gaming, 3D modeling, and photoshop. I think I did pretty well, considering this is my first build. Sorry about the no pictures my phone wouldn't upload the pics to my computer (Not the one I'm building, the other one). Please voice your mind in the comments.

Part Reviews


This is a great cpu! Really happy with the purchase! It feeds off fast RAM, I made a mistake buying 2400mhz... I got this cpu on Prime Day (Amazons made-up holiday) for 200 US dollars, Steal! But still for $250 or even $300 this is still a great cpu.


Nothing wrong yet, works, supported my stuff, I don't know what to say.


I bought two of these (Again on Prime Day). Should have gone with higher speeds ( 'Cause the 2700x ). But anyway, RAM is RAM. It's Corsair so it's not going to let you down.


Blazing fast. You know those people who say "OMG windows boots up in 5 seconds" Well guess what WINDOWS DOWNLOADS IN 5 SECONDS with the 970 Evo. Originally looking at the 860 Evo 500gb then I saw this. Sorry 860.

Video Card

FOR $200 REFURBISHED OFF OF ZOTAC'S WEBSITE, couldn't resist. It's 'DA BOMB as they say. Comes previously overclocked out of the box. AWESOME. ZOTAC ALSO HAS 1080ti's FOR LIKE $400 OFF THEIR WEBSITE. If you go over there right now and buy them all up for mining...@#$%


Not tempered glass but looks the same. Airflow, cable management, looks, it got it all. No complaints.

Power Supply

Its a psu, not going to boost your fps, but you need it. No problems here.

Operating System

Scdkey. Cheapest way to get a legit copy of windows 10. Please don't ban me.


It's an xbox remote, sometime a keyboard and mouse ain't good enough.


I got this as a return, from a local retailer for only $25. Super comfortable, decent sounding.

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  • 6 months ago
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Very cool! The 2700x is a very solid chip but mine tended to get hot with the stock cooler. I went ahead and got a nh-d15 am4(160mm) cpu cooler by Noctua and I'm sitting in the mid 20c to low 30c's idle and dont cross 70c in benchmarks[4.2ghz OC, 1.3V]. (I never used watercooling otherwise I would of purchased a corsair 100i rgb or pro depending on your love of RGB[240mm rad]). This is an awesome PC to start building upon!

  • 6 months ago
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Thanks for they advice! I will upgrade up from the stock cooler once I have the money. 😁