09/08/17- Build Completed Total time: About 10 hours

This is my first PC Build. The custom will be used between my twin and me for gaming, photo/ video editing, and digital drawing/graphic design (photoshop, illustrator, Clipart, etc)

It took me some time to work on this build because I had some issues with screwing in the parts and the wiring. The mobo was a bit hard to put in because of the cover plate, but it fits now (if not a bit snug). The 6 Aigo fans were a bit troublesome too because they did not work when connected to the chassis fan connector. It worked independently through the peripheral connection (4-pin molex) and has it's own switch. I wish it could work with Asus Aura, but the switch is enough with changing color and fan speed modes.

The one thing that took me by surprise was the sheer size of the Noctua NH-D15 fan. I was not expecting it be that massive. I had to switch my original orientation because of the wires.

After the successful boot, I let it run for 30 mins just on the Asus BIOS page, Cpu temps stayed at 27-29C range, Case temp was 25C with both covers off.

I know that my wiring game isn't great, I'll go back to cleaning it up later once everything is settled.

More to report after loading Windows and other programs.

Edit:: 9/10/2017:: This machine is really fast. I had some initial issues with the OS installation because it would not read either the memory stick or the external dvd drive. After using the asus windows usb tool, it worked.

My twin tested out Overwatch on the default ultra setting and it worked so smoothly. Topped up to 60+ FPS, GPU at 106%, CPU/GPU Temp at 56C (6 Aigo chassis fans at max speed). I'll be testing LOL and other Steam games later.

Hitfilms Express will be used here too, so I'm really excited now.

I forgot to mention that the screen we have is connected to the ASUS Geforce GTX 1060 O6GB.

Part Reviews


This cpu is very powerful, probably overkill for what my twin sister and I do daily. Gaming, Clipart Studio, and occasional video editing are done quickly and not too much loading on the cores. Initial start-up temps are at 29C and jumps up to 34C when idle. The highest temp while gaming has gone up to 67C without any lags or hiccups.

CPU Cooler

This fan is powerful, but big. I mean really big. Being that this was my first build. I was not expecting a cpu cooler (air) to be enormous (coming from being used to pre-made consumer builds). The first time I had installed it, I had some clearance issues with the mobo. I changed orientations and it fit.

I love how quiet it is even when the fan is at 50% via Asus GPU Tweaker. Once you push it to 100%, then it's very loud.

Video Card

As my first gpu from build-in mobo gpus, this is a beast in gaming and digital drawing. Most of the game played ran smoothly, FPS games ran between 65+ FPS, (e.g. Overwatch on Ultra). My twin sister does a lot of digital drawing and loves the fact that the processing is so much fast and smoother.


This is a huge case, but really sleek case. It definitely lives up to the suppressor name because it keeps everything quiet. The only time it is noisy is when I put the case fans on high and increase the cpu cooler speed. The side window displays all the parts and is beautiful to look at. The removable filters are great and easy to clean.


This is a great budget gaming keyboard with mechanical keys. I was hoping for better rgb on it, but what can you do on a budget. I took off a star because it didn't have a number pad on it. I didn't realize that until I got it in the mail. I just remedied the situation by purchasing a separate number pad.


A great led kit for aura sync. I still have to figure out why it doesn't stay off though through aura sync after I put the tower to sleep and then turn it on. If you don't attach the connector correctly it flashes solid red, which is a great indicator if you want to LED out your build, The adhesive is not that great on the strips, as well as the cable holder clips. It depends on the case, so I assume mine wasn't adhesive friendly but I just managed by zip tying it up.


These case fans are nice with the various RGB schemes and effects. It is very quiet on low speed, but noisy on high speed. There is no middle speed and it was not asus aura sync compatible, which was something that I would have liked to have. It does keep the case and components cool,

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Just purchased two ADATA XPG SX850 256GB. Can't wait!

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