This is my first ever gaming PC. After playing CS:GO on the lowest settings at 40 fps on a laptop, decided id had enough. Was looking through Facebook when I saw someone selling this computer (Thanks Brandon). It is perfect for the games I play and I am looking forward to upgrading it (Any Things I should upgrade?) Plays any game i try at high settings at 60+ fps and I'm very happy with that. It feel so good to be finally in the PC master race. Graphics card is in my opinion the best budget card out there and the Riings look so pretty.

Part Reviews


Pretty Good CPU, probably going to upgrade soon but will do for the time being!

CPU Cooler

Quiet and Cool


Ram is Ram, going to get more soon

Video Card

Beast Budget card so happy


Cable Management is so easy and it looks so sexy

Wireless Network Adapter

Going to get an a.c Card soon


Good Bang for the Buck 1080p moniter


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At a local store in my area

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damn it, i thought you bought it online :/

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I can help you upgrade in the future if you give me a budget and a time you need the list by, right now focus on your motherboard, cpu, ram. your GPU should be fine as long as you arent going extreme on gaming.