I basically upgrade my CPU, GPU and added case fans.


Part Reviews


What can I say? It gets the job done in all the games I play.


I toke off 2 stars because...

  1. It only has one case fan header so I had to buy a fan spiltter.

  2. Only 2 ram slots, can't quad channel if I wanted to.


Sleek design, gets the job done and love the black glossy finish.


Can get a bit noisy when I turn on the computer but the noise goes away after a minute or two. Just need 1TB for all the games I'm gonna play.


This is NOT the case I have. The case I have is this

Wonderful case for cable management and good airflow. Only thing I had trouble with is putting in the front fan. So I toke off 1 star for that.

Power Supply

Slient. Modular. Black Cables. 5 Stars. What else can I say?

Wireless Network Adapter

Idk what to say lol

Case Fan

ITS BRIGHT LIKE A NIGHT SHOW!!! But I have to take 2 fans off because these case fans can get REALLY LOUD!


  • 42 months ago
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Good build! By the way, you can't do quad-channel on "consumer" platforms I believe, only on X99 and maybe X79. Even if you had 4 RAM slots it would still run in dual-channel.

  • 42 months ago
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Oh :( That sucks xD I guess I learned something new !

  • 42 months ago
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Project "Blue Clues"

  • 40 months ago
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It'd be a good idea to change your parts list on PCPartpicker, it's misleading to find your build coming up a guided search for builds with an N200.

Nice build though!

  • 26 months ago
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shouldve chose ryzen amd for life <-- this is a joke