tl,dr: I built a computer and it worked.

It all started a few years ago; a boy with his laptop wanted to play some video games on his computer. The boy soon realized that his computer wasn't fast enough to run even simple games like Minecraft or Team Fortress 2, even on low settings. He ventured onto the internet, hoping to find a way to get a nice computer for a cheap price when he found out something that had never crossed his mind previously: building the computer yourself. He researched the topic for a while and soon found out that building a computer would be much cheaper than buying one from his local Best Buy. He decides to save all money received, down to the dime, for a couple of years before buying the parts. In this time frame the boy researches how to build his machine and finds a website called that would save him a bit of trouble when picking his parts. A few years later the boy finally does two things: save up the cash required to make the machine and convince his parents to buy them for him off vendors on the internet. After building the machine, the boy decided to write about the machine on, and here we are today.

Alright, now that that whole spiel is out of the way, we can get into the stuff everyone cares about: how it works and maybe some benchmarks or something. I bought everything but the motherboard, GPU, and PSU from Amazon and the three parts I listed above were bought from Newegg. Please keep in mind that this is my first build and I don't really know what to expect out of this. My apologies for the low image quality.

As stated earlier I'll use the thing for gaming and maybe some light video editing. It stays cool (I think, I don't have much experience,) has plenty of storage, and is preeetttyy fast for what I paid for it.

Part Reviews


Its a pretty big step up from the dual core laptop chip I had previously. It doesn't seem to overheat like I've heard about AMD chips and it has a nice 6 cores. There weren't any problems during the installation and it runs like a charm.


Installation was fine, installing stuff into it was fine, and it went into the case OK. Nothing special, but definitely nothing wrong.


A big chunk of 16 gigabytes of DDR3 memory. I've yet to utilize all of it, but it's handled running a Minecraft server without slowing down the rest of the machine.


It boots Windows really fast and i still have like 700 gigabytes left after installing my entire Steam library. Woot woot!

Video Card

This card is the greatest thing ever. It runs all my games beautifully, it can handle those 1080p, 60fps YouTube videos my laptop melted trying to run, and it has a whopping 4 gigabytes of video memory. Can I add 6 stars, please?


It's an okay case. The blue fan is definitely a plus, but it doesn't come with one on the back. I couldn't find anywhere to mount the hard drive, so that's just lying on the bottom of the case. It looks really nice from the outside, it has a cool finish, light up on/reset buttons, and has a generally nice build. If we go inside, however, there's nowhere to put the cables, so I kinda just had to leave them hanging near the oddly placed "hard drive mount."

Power Supply

It works like a power supply should. The included cable was kinda short, so I just used one of my own.

Wireless Network Adapter

The antenna is just long enough. It can accommodate my 60mbps up/down speeds well and can handle online games with Skype open just fine.


Huge improvement from the TV I used before. The colors are really vibrant and it's really responsive. It has a sleek, modern design and the setup was so simple a baby could do it.


Probably the best keyboard I'll ever use. The sound is just loud enough to hear over my headphones and it's really pleasant to look at between rounds. The media keys come in handy and so does the rolling volume slider is perfect. It's also easy to clean. Colors are bright and the wrist rest is comfortable.


If you were wondering, I paid around $40 for this thing at my local Best Buy. It works like a champ, the lights are great, the buttons are placed well, the scroll wheel is fun to use, and the DPI adjustment buttons are really handy.


Super good headphones. People like to hate on these, but the surround sound really helps to hear footsteps in-game. Awesome treble and deep bass.

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Nice build!

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Nice first build. Good job doing lots of research.