So I built this computer for a few reasons. I have a PS4 and bought it litterally with the trade in I had from my old 360, and all my games and peripherals, didn't pay a cent for it, but there were no games?! I then thought to myself "well you have all your friends on pc so it's ok, we can wait to play PS4 games" Then my older Acer laptop I had been using for LoL had a shot motherboard................ Hence, I introduce, The Tarrasque.

(So first off, I bought all my parts at best buy, A. 24 months interest free financing, B. A friend of mine is a supervisor so I had him help me out with prices)

CPU: At first I was going to buy an I5 4670k for about 250, Then I saw the I7 4820k for about 70$ more, and I couldn't resist, with the larger amount of threads, and ridiculous amount of overclock-ability it was a no brainer, then my friend brought it down to the same price and I was like.... SOLD

CPU COOLER: So here is a fun story, my parts come in, and my computer is nigh built fully, and low and behold, NO CPU COOLER IN THE CPU BOX "CRAP CRAP CRAP" So I ran down to Micro center, and bought the 212 because everywhere I went people said it was the best for the price. Cha-ching

Mobo: So to be really honest, my MOBO was kinda a only choice thing, it was for 279 originally and wanted to buy the Sabertooth x79 instead but my friend said he would super discount it, and that it's a good mobo. Fine, bought.

Memory: I have always liked corsair, they always made a good product and I feel like they last a long time so this was a no brainer, kind wish I had bought G-Skill instead though, but no complaints.

Storage: The pny SSD was only 80$.... need I say more? Same with the Seagate, was only 60$....

Case: So again with the Corsair spiel above, but this case was 99.99$ I got it for 60$ mwhahahahaha!

PSU: Cheap, good, and will do the job for the time being.

GPU: Well it's NVIDIA made which is epic, it was only 169.99 so I got it very cheap, and happily too :)

All peripherals were something I already had other than the new k70 keyboard, which btw is quite epic if you are thinking about buying one.

Part Reviews


I've got to say this part is probably the part that has impressed me the most, high quality, never gives and lip, just works like a wonder. I've got it OCed to 4.4GHZ right now and it is running beautifully.

CPU Cooler

This part is a god among parts. Cools like a boss, quiet like a boss, and is super easy to install for ANY cpu, this is a no brainer when it comes down to if you are gonna air cool.


I had to RMA this at 4 months, works now... will update stars when more time goes by...


This is pretty standard ram, gonna look into upgrading it next. Works really well though.


I was weary with all the reviews being 50/50, but this thing is working like a charm, would recommend to anyone!


Works well, no freak outs yet, has all my "eh" stuff on it.

Video Card

JUST upgraded from a 760 to this MONSTER of a card, This thing is literally a god and scored triple on 3dmark then my 760, for 90 more dollars..... My 760 died and I got a warranty on it, they don't sell them anymore, so they gave me my money back essentially, bought this and will never look back.


God this for 69.99, and boy does it have some room in it, my cable management sucks right now, and I need to thoroughly work on that, but I need to buy some zip ties and customer wiring supplies then I will be doing that. Otherwise awesome case, I like the white LED fans in the front, does have one fan in the back that keeps the case flowing well and has plenty of airflow, would recommend.

Power Supply

I don't know what to say about this... It works but I'm scared from everything I've read about this because people are saying it is NOT bronze, nor is it modular to the point it is supposed to be....

Optical Drive

It works, quiet (sometimes) and reads quickly.

Operating System

I want 10...


BEAUTIFUL monitor, it is just a gorgeous thing and man is it great for gaming!


Tactile and alert, it never misses a beat, and the red is a very nice color.


I had this before I built this computer and got it new for 44.95 with some employee discount and other stuff, it is a darn good mouse.

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  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

Why are you using the MOLEX to 6 pin PCI-E adapters, that PSU you shouldn't need them adapters as it should have the correct cables. Plus the GPU should be in the very top PCI-E slot which is 16x which is the fastest slot.

  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

Oh, Thanks! I will move the GPU then! weird enough it only came with the molex ones... should I go out and buy different ones, or are they sufficient?

  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

They are sufficient yes, but I would still recommend that you buy the proper cables for that PSU as they will probably be better at putting out the correct voltage to the GPU meaning they are much more stable. Also the Molex adapters may fail causing it to maybe kill the GPU.

  • 63 months ago
  • 1 point

Really strange that it came with molex only, the CX750M should have come with 4 of the 6+2 PCI power cables. If those didnt come with it for some reason (never had that happen), then contact corsair to get free ones because your PSU didnt come with any, or like devildude said, just go buy some, they're pretty cheap, just have to make sure that they're compatible

  • 61 months ago
  • 1 point

Bought an 6+2 pin to 2 6 pin addapter and used that instead, working much better now as well I have also purchased a new GPU